CRPT Trailday: Moving to Higher Ground

Clinton River Park, while very beautiful, is also very wet.   Aaron and Paul (CRPT Trail Coordinators) have spent hundreds of hours maintaining the low and wet trail, always on the lookout for higher ground.

Paul found a couple of great new lines to replace a really low and notoriously wet section of trail.    So they set out to build it.

18 volunteers showed up on a chilly Saturday morning, ready to work.

And work they did.

The walk-behind trimmer is a favorite for making quick work of cutting new trail.

One of the new sections Paul flagged is along the border of the park.  The old trail was just some loamy double track.  This is a slight ridge and required some bench cut in wet clay.   A cache of broken concrete nearby allowed us to build a little retaining wall to hold everything in place.

A big hole in the trail and a whole lot of extra broken concrete was the perfect reason to build a rock garden.

And, of course, a fresh coat of paint for the trail signs!

CRAMBA would like to thank Paul and Aaron for the hundreds of hours they’ve put into this trail.  We’re into our 5th season now and even though it requires a lot of work, its a little gem amongst pavement.

More pictures can be found on the CRAMBA Flickr Photostream

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