15 Things CRAMBA did for you in 2012

CRAMBA was born in late 2011, making 2012 our first full year as an IMBA chapter.Trailbuilding

Here’s 15 successes seen by CRAMBA last year:

1.  Full Board of Directors

Before the IMBA transition, our chapter board was 4 members large.  As part of the transition, bylaws allowed for up to 12 board members.  For 2012, we elected 10 members, held monthly board meetings and grew to a full 12 member board in October.

2.  Rerouted an eroded fall-line hill at Addison Oaks

A badly eroding fall-line climb at Addison Oaks was the first big project at that park in a few years.  Some political wins with the park allowed us to create a process for seeking approval for reroutes and other expansion projects.

3.  New Trail Development at Clinton River Park Trail

Through several traildays, lots of planning and support of other local organizations and the city, we were able to give some much needed attention to the Clinton River Park Trail in 2012 which resulted in some really great development including berms, rock gardens, log piles, skinnys and two all new sections of singletrack

4.  Reroutes in Stony Creek’s “Roller Coaster”

Early in the season, an unsustainable eroding climb in the “Back Nine” section of the “Roller Coaster” was rerouted.  Later in the season, a downhill at the end of the first part of the “Roller Coaster” was rerouted for a much smoother transition.

5.  Invested money in new trailbuilding tools

Partway through the season, we found ourselves short on Pulaskis and with many failing McLeods.  We bought a bunch of new tools from Rouge Hoe (among others) that quickly became trailwork favorites.

6.  Stony Creek Skills Park was reborn and held a successful and well attended Jump Jam event

The new trail coordinators at the Stony Creek Skills Park continued to develop the park and were able to hold a successful chapter event there.  Many came out to participate in the Jump Jam, and the chapter was hanging out under the tent and grilling burgers.

7.  Great new trail development at River Bends to achieve a full singletrack loop

At the end of 2011, a return section of singletrack was added to River Bends and in 2012 there were tweaks and additions to eventually form a full singletrack loop.  Details of River Bends 2012 activities can be found HERE.

8.  New trail project with St. Clair County Parks brought a rideable loop at Columbus County Park

Columbus County Park finally found its Trail Coordinator with the addition of former Holly Flint members to CRAMBA.  By the end of the season, a short but rideable loop had been built and many more plans for next season are in the works.

9.  Started a chapter mapping project to ensure all of our trails have detailed and usable maps available online.

Detailed, usable maps found to be a missing resource at a few of our key trails.  Through many hours of hard work, we now have some great maps for our trails that are now available online at http://www.cramba.org/our-trails/

10.  Big progress made on a mapping, signage and trail expansion project at Bloomer Park.

Hard work continued at Bloomer Park in 2012.  In addition to new singletrack, new signs were added and an official trail map has been posted online and in the kiosk.  Bloomer has been receiving great feedback from riders on the improvements that have been made.

11.  Assumed responsibility for the trails in the Holly Flint area and welcomed those area members into our chapter.

The former Holly Flint Chapter realized they didn’t have the resources to transition to IMBA, so their leaders reached out to CRAMBA for help.  We worked with IMBA to integrate their contacts into our database and as of September 2012, the Clinton River Area Mountain Bike Association includes members and territory from the Holly Flint region.

12.  Sent chapter representatives to participate in the IMBA World Summit in Santa Fe, NM

IMBA holds a World Summit every other year.  At the Summit, a Chapter Congress is held with IMBA chapters from across the country.  At the congress session, chapters addressed the goals and priorities for the IMBA Chapter program.  CRAMBA sent two chapter representatives to participate in this year’s World Summit.  Those Board Members were able to represent CRAMBA at the Chapter Congress and also bring back some valuable information.

13.  5th annual Addison Oaks Chapter Benefit Race

2012 marked the 5th year the Addison Oaks Fall XC race was held as a chapter benefit and the event was our smoothest run yet.  With more participants than previous years, beautiful weather and great volunteers, 2012’s race was a huge success.

14. 6th annual Massive Fallout

Our 6th Massive Fallout Group Ride was held, once again, in cold and rainy weather.  Participation was still pretty exceptional and many gallons of chili were consumed.  As usual, many riders enjoyed the hot food and warm heaters at Addison Oaks as the mid-way point in the ride.

15.  2206 Volunteer Hours

As a chapter, we reported 2206 hours of volunteer time.  With volunteer efforts in 2011 assigned a value of $21.79 per hour, the dollar figure associated with these efforts represents a contribution worth more than $48,000.  This is just what’s reported.  We are aware that there are many more volunteer hours that go unreported.

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