Thank You, Tailwind Racing!

Tailwind Racing LogoThe CRAMBA-IMBA Mountain Bike Patrol would like to thank Tailwind Racing LLC for their generous donation at this past weekend’s Stony (Not So Hot) Marathon,¬†where six patrollers were watching the trails. ¬†Bryan Wissman of Tailwind Racing presented CRAMBA-IMBA Mountain Bike Patrol director Jeremy Verbeke with a donation of $400.

Over the past year the CRAMBA-IMBA Mountain Bike Patrol, under the leadership of Jeremy Verbeke, has grown to 13 members who have an active presence on the local trails and at numerous local off-road cycling and running races.

For more information about the CRAMBA-IMBA Mountain Bike Patrol please click here, and find information on IMBA’s National Mountain Bike Patrol here.

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