Tool Theft Donations: Thank You!

IMG_7507Thank you to everyone who has donated to help restock our power tools after the recent theft. In the past week we have received $840 in cash donations and a new Craftsman backpack blower worth $259.99.

This is nearly half-way to covering the replacement cost of the missing tools!

To donate to CRAMBA-IMBA and help cover the cost of replacing the stolen power tools see this post or click on the Donate button to the right.

Thank you to all of our recent donors:

  • Scott Baxter
  • Michael Green (Craftsman 32cc Leaf Blower)
  • Rodney Gullett
  • Nicholas Kolman
  • Konrad Kucharski
  • Carlos McIntyre
  • Brett Rohrscheib
  • Geneva Stephens / Move-It Fitness LLC
  • Luke Osborn / Infiterra Sports LLC

Members have asked if the theft was covered by insurance. It is not. Earlier this year our policy was up for renewal, and the lowest-cost premium we could find was $1k/yr with a $500 deductible. Our trailer (tools+trailer) is worth about $8k total, so the CRAMBA-IMBA board decided that it’d be best to set aside $1k/yr until we have $8K reserved and self-insure.

In this case our loss is $2000, and with insurance we’d have paid $1500 for premium+deductible and only saved the $500 difference. As long as we don’t have another incident like this (we’re taking steps to ensure this) within the next year we’ll be ahead by going with the self-insurance idea ($2000 out of pocket vs. $2500 for two years of insurance + one deductible).



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