January 2016 Chapter Meeting

Chapter Meeting

January 12th 2016


Call to order 7:05pm

  • Rodney welcomed everyone
  • New Board went around and introduced themselves.
  • Michigan ARD
  1. Will work with Lansing
  2. Help get grant money
  3. Work with DNR on a regular basis.
  • Snow Stuff
  1. Thank You Mike Fitzpatrick for Groomer donation.
  2. Thank You Mark Senyk for finding and repairing snowmobile
  3. Thank You Dean Fitzpatrick for trailer donation.
  4. With all the donations total out of pocket cost is $1000 for registration and insurance for equipment.
  5. River Bends is the only trail at this time being groomed.
  6. Stoney is interested in looking at us grooming for them. The only place to MTB at this time is the trolley trails. Jeremy is meeting with them.
  7. Addison grooms themselves.
  1. January 31st
  2. 10 shops already signed up.
  3. 2 different ride groups.
  4. BYOB, 3 fire pits, pot luck
  • Treasurer
  1. Financial report $16,791.00
  2. Insurance is coming up. $2,000/$4,000
  3. New Trailer wrap $1500/$1800 (Thank You Kristi for mock up.)
  • Membership
  1. Current members 287.
  2. New price is $35
  3. We now have auto renewal.
  4. More members mean we go from 60/40 split to a 50/50 split from IMBA.
  • Bike Patrol
  1. 37 active patrollers.
  2. 2,950 hours patrolled.
  3. IMBA has a patrol video out.
  4. Will have a training session in April.
  • Trails
  1. Stoney- Rebuild board walk, rock garden. There is new bike repair stand.
  2. Holly- Stay away HUNTERS! Looking at trail day in June.
  3. Addison- BOB is in CHARGE!!!
  4. Bald Mtn- Stay off cross country ski areas that are groomed by DNR.
  5. CRPT- New bridges, working on signs for two traffic for RB/CRPT trail. Will work on soft area along M53. Got a nice donation for trail.
  6. River Bends- 2.5 miles scouted for new trail. Park and Rec. has eagle scouts that want to do projects.
  7. Bloomer- There is a whole new bridge in the tech loop. Working on future projects. Looking at doing a Thursday ride next year.
  • Events up coming
  1. Feb 6th American Cycle and Fitness Ladies Night
  2. Macomb Bike Ladies Night Feb 25th
  3. June 1st MTB 101 Shelby Twsp.
  4. Got MTB 101 Girls 18 & older July 24th & August 27th
  5. Addison Race Sept 11th
  6. Massive Fallout Oct 1st
  • CRAMBA Jersey– Nick is looking at on-line ordering




Dismissed at 9:30pm

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