March 2016 Board Meeting



Kristin Barry, Steve Vigneau, Mike Fitzpatrick, Jeremy Kozak, Jim Owens, Chris Westerlund, Roger Class, Drew Williams, Rodney Gullett, Nick Shue, Marty Shue, Tony McGee

Jeremy Verbeke, Alice Jacobs

Call to Order @ 7:40


  • Discussed and reviewed the CRAMBA elevator speech. Rodney passed out copies to the board.
  • Rodney also brought fliers for members to pass out to the local bike shops. Kristin was stopping by Main Street 26-mile rd. Nick offered to stop by RBS. Jeremy K to stop by Main Street LO.
  • Web Site is being updated nicely. According to Rodney.
  • It looks like most of the CRAMBA Board will be in attendance at the Stoney Creek Planning Meeting on April 2nd.
  • Jeremy V to post a list of trail days for Trail Coordinators.
  • Waiting on an estimate for bridge repair for pines.
  • Take a Kid MTB will be on June 11th. ACF and Main Street have offered to help. (More info to follow.)
  • Nick has offered to head up CRAMBA Jersey sales. Just need finished product from Kristi.
  • CRAMBA Chapter Meeting will be April 13th @ 7pm. (Rochester Mills)


  • ARD has been found and hired.
  • CRAMBA re-incorporation paperwork has been started. The president, treasure, & secretary are ones signing.
  • Kristen has started a document for recurring items.
  • World Summit expenses based on # attending. Will look at past summits for information on how reimbursement was done.

Trail Coordinators-

  • PLRA prospect MR. Smallwood has been put in contact with Dave to discuss trail.
  • Rodney has Kristi to work on CRAMBA takes of this trail with examples for trail kiosks.
  • Jeremy V has a potential contact/meeting with the City of Utica pertaining to Riverbend’s trail addition.
  • Jeremy & Steve have been working on color coded signage for Riverbend’s. The cost is to be split between Shelby Twps. and CRAMBA. (Cost should be roughly $2000.00) Steve motioned for a vote. Roger 2nd. A vote was taken 9-0 to approve a $1000.00 to go towards signage.

Bike Patrol-

  • Orientation April 30th
  • CPR new/renewals to paid for by BACK to the Beach
  • We have 41 patrollers at this time.
  • Jeremy would like to discuss Bike Patrols own yearly budget. For income and expenses. Bike shops already donate supplies for patrol.

Races and Rides/Events-

Addison Oaks– Roger to head up committee with Steve, Kristen, Jeremy & Nick. With Bill Solan as project manager.

Massive Fall Out-  Steve has offered to help Drew with getting the permits for the ride.

Girls on Trails-

  • 11 signed up for July
  • 2 signed up for August
  • Marty, Jeremy & Jeremy helping plan.
  • Kristi to help instruct
  • Jeremy V to ask Bike Patrol for help that day.

Triple Trail Challenge- Is underway at this time.

Island Lake- MCMBA is putting on the DEMO May 7th. MCMBA would like us to invite local bike shops. If they need info contact Loren at MCMBA.


  • 30 new members
  • Sitting at 310 members
  • Mike has recruited Dean Fitzpatrick, Victor Hicks, & Jean Dylong to help with membership.
  • Chris has built a spreadsheet to help with tracking clubs & teams. So that we can invite them to meetings. Or to speak at their function.

Treasures Report-

  • $13,886 in bank.
  • Macomb Bike Donated $100 from lady’s night.
  • $1800 from IMBA
  • Made $35 form Wool Jersey sale.
  • Paid $3500 for Chapter Insurance.

Adjourned at 9:30pm

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