MMBA Meeting May 2016

Notes from the May MMBA board meeting,

MMBA Meeting

– Steve (TOMMBA) leads meeting
– Introduction and quick summery of actives by Melissa Werkman
– Review last mtg notes (no mtg notes, Jeff made hand written notes on agenda)
– Treasurer report
– Discussion about funding.  Issues about equal funding vs ‘pledged’ amounts.  CRAMBA and MCMBA will be working with Steve Schnell to work out adjusted pledges.
– Election.  Steve Schnell President, Gordie Allen VP, Lori Hauswirth Secretary, Kim White Treasurer
– Ebikes.  Chapters giving updates on their adopted/voted on positions.  No position was taken, the MMBA has no position.
– Discussion about future meetings.  Steve is going to send out a doodle poll to find the best day of the month to hold monthly meetings for the foreseeable future.
– Two standing committees. Governance Committee, to review the by-laws and bring any other governance issues that we need to resolve. Those participants are Jason Aric Jones, Steve Schnell, Lori Hauswirth, and Steve Steinberg. Oversight Committee, to participate in periodic progress reviews of our ARD. Those participants are Gordie Allen, Nick Shue, Jason Aric Jones, and Steve Schnell.
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