August 18, 2016 Board Meeting Minutes

CRAMBA Board Meeting Minutes


The meeting was called to order at 7:10PM.

Board members present were:

  1. Roger Class
  2. Jeremy Verbeke
  3. Drew Williams
  4. Alice Jacobs
  5. Kristen Barry
  6. Mike Fitzpatrick

Non-Board attendees

  1. Nick Shue
  2. Marty Shue

Recording Secretary’s Report

Minutes of the 6-23-16 board meeting were read and approved with a spelling correction – Pete Kresmery.

Old Business

  • Massive Fallout Update
    • Jeremy Verbeke suggested that this event, since it isn’t a full blown fund raiser, should be promoted as a simpler event – maybe just a group ride event
    • Kristen Barry will be taking this over as the event manager
  • Addison Oaks Race on 9-11-16
    • No title sponsor yet
    • Guinness Bikers will support this event with their membership
  • Kristen will check if the CRAMBA website has changed the description of the trails at Stony Creek from beginner to intermediate.
  • CRAMBA is not doing the fall, October 1st “Take a Kid Mountain Biking”
  • The CRAMBA trailer is still at the Shelby Township site
  • Kristen to check into the cost of a PO box at Utica – might be cheaper
  • Jeremy Verbeke said the mechanized trail building at River Bends went well. The new trail could not have been duplicated by hand. It was 300.00 well spent.

New Business  

  • Bike Patrol
    • Jeremy Verbeke reported that we have 5 new bike patrollers. They have been trained but still need CPR training and certifications.
    • CPR training cost $40.00 per individual – training instructor/student ration ideally is 7:1
    • CRAMBA now has 54 Bike Patrollers
  • CRAMBA Jerseys
    • CRAMBA jerseys are a chapter fund raiser
    • Nick will finish the set up on the on-line store
    • Cost of jersey has yet to be determined
    • Need a “media-blast” posting on the front page of the CRAMBA website
  • Chain Saw Safety Class
    • Motor City bowed out
    • Cramba and Poto are still in
    • Consists of 2 one day classes
    • Costs is $84.00 per – $50.00 from the chapter and $34.00 from the individual
    • Mike Fitzpatrick pledged a $500.00 donation, ear-marked for this training, to CRAMBA to help defray costs
  • Next Chapter Meeting
    • October 11 at River Bends
    • This is an election meeting that needs promotion as such
    • Food should be ready to eat early enough to minimize interfering with the meeting
    • The following suggestions to improve this meeting
      • Have a written agenda
      • Group ride starts at 5:30 PM
      • Have a fixed starting time – decided on 7:30 PM (sunset at 6:56 PM)
      • Jeremy Verbeke will provide lighting for the meeting
      • Roger said he will bring a microphone/speaker/amplifier system to aid the chair’s communication
  • GOT Clinic on July 24th
    • Marty Shue reported that, despite the rain, almost everyone who signed up showed up – about 27 women
    • Most riders were better prepared and had better equipment than in the past
    • Most riders basic skill set was higher than in the past
    • Marty concluded the GOT clinic is reaching its target audience
    • The August 27th clinic has about 20 women already signed up
  • Nick Shue Report
    • Discussion took place about the future of the MMBA. Questions asked: Is the MMBA forum dead? Is the Website active?
    • Our new Assistant Regional Director, Melisa is the executive director of the MMBA
    • The Michigan Trails Advisory Council is meeting this Sunday in Bellaire Michigan and Nick is CRAMBA’ representative.
    • Mountain Biking needs a slot on this advisory board
  • Treasurer’s report
    • Kristen Barry reported that we have $12,893.00 balance

Next board meeting will be on September 15 at the Firehouse at 7:00 PM (please note the new time).

Meeting adjourned about 9:02 PM.

Mike Fitzpatrick



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