CRAMBA Board Meeting Minutes 10-20-16

CRAMBA Board Meeting Minutes


The meeting was called to order at 7:05 PM.
Board members present were:

1. Tony McGee
2. Jeremy Verbeke
3. Steve Vigneau
4. Kristen Barry
5. Mike Fitzpatrick
6. Chris Westerlund
Non-board members present
1. Rodney Gullett
2. Dean Fitzpatrick (first ½ hr)

Iceman Expo
A short discussion on the purpose and mission of having a presence at the Iceman Expo MMBA booth. It was concluded that there are two main reasons to be there:
• Public Relations. CRAMBA visibility, information on our chapter, friendliness, etc.
• Membership. Recruit new CRAMBA members on laptop ideally because it needs no transcription but at the very least on a sign-up sheet.
• Kristen brought up that the Iceman website has a section that highlights an IMBA chapter and it is CRAMBA’s turn. She has put together her thoughts in a whimsical manner. Steve will take what Kristen has written and modify it with his thoughts (e.g. AY-Cramba, Stony Creek’s Master Plan, Massive Fallout) and maybe even mention that CRAMBA donated $1000.00 in the past to buy land to secure the Iceman route for future years.

Recording Secretary’s Report
Minutes of the 9-23-16 board meeting were read and approved as read.

Old Business
• Massive Fallout, October 15, Recap
o Kristen Barry the event manager and gave a follow up report which is highlighted below
o Great weather, big success, about 250 riders, no injuries
o Profit of about $1000.00 from donations and shirt sales
o Ran out of waivers, had riders sign the back. It was suggested that next year the waiver look like the Iceman waiver with the verbiage at the top and multiple signature lines below
o It was suggested that these waivers might be used to contact non-CRAMBA riders to solicit new members. To this end Chris suggested that next year we have a check-box for CRAMBA member on the waiver form
o Mike said his Garmin’s turn-by-turn for Massive Fallout worked only marginally in the trails at Stony. T-by-T might not be applicable on close looping single track trails.
o Jeremy Verbeke said the trail intersections must be marked next year. Spray paint, even food color spray paint is not allowed – must have removable signs
o Mike Fitzpatrick reported that he got 25 riders to sign up for membership in CRAMBA. He sent each an email with an embedded link to the CRAMBA sign up page
o Conklin connector was not trimmed – should be trimmed next year
o Next year’s Massive Fallout will be on Saturday, September 30 with an alternate date of Saturday, October 14th
o Chris Westerlund will be next year’s Massive Fallout even manager
o Jeremy Verbeke made a motion, seconded be Steve, that CRAMBA purchase a 4 drawer filing cabinet to hold all of our archived paperwork such as old waivers. This cabinet would be located in our rented storage space
New Business
• Chapter Meetings Dates for 2017
o January 12, Thursday, 7:00 PM at Rochester Mills Brewery
o April 13, Thursday, 7:00 PM at Rochester Mills Brewery
o July 13, Thursday, 7:00 PM at Pontiac Lake Recreation Area
o October 19, Thursday, 7:00 PM at Addison Oaks
o Mike Fitzpatrick to secure Jan. and Apr. dates with Rochester Mills Brewery (the room should be at no charge)
• Ay-Cramba
o 2017 Ay-Cramba will be on Saturday February 4th with an alternate date of February 18th
o Advertise pot luck but have a grill
o Steve said email notifications to the bike shops should be sufficient
• Got Clinic
o Tentative dates of July 30, Sunday, and August 26, Sunday
o Marty might be interested?
• Event Custom Shirts
o Steve said that he might have a connection to Holly-Holdridge High School print shop
o The $500.00 pre-approved Volunteer shirts might be printed there
• Finances
o Kristen reported that CRAMBA has approximately $24,500.00 in the bank after she makes pending deposits and writes checks for current expenses
o Rodney, Steve, Kristen, need to meet at a branch of Huntington Bank to sign signature cards
• Standing Committees
o It was discussed that we have 3 standing committees that all need chair persons. Chris and Kristen volunteered:
▪ Event Committee, chair Chris Westerlund
▪ Membership Committee, chair Mike Fitzpatrick, Rodney, Chris
▪ Communications Committee, Kristen Barry
• Membership Committee
o Mike reported that our paid membership on 10-11-16 stood at 342 members. He stated that 500 members over the next 12 months is not an unrealistic goal
o Mike proposed the idea of a blitz Saturday when all CRAMBA trails have recruiters at the trail head. Jeremy V. said this would have to be cleared with each Park Director.
• Communications Committee
o Kristen proposed that her acquaintance, Lynn be allowed to update CRAMBA’s website
o Kristen proffered the idea of a newsletter with photos
• Trail Gnome Award – The Scott Scudamore National Volunteer Leadership Award honors outstanding individuals who are making a significant contribution to the mountain bicycling community.
o IMBA will present ten (10) awards. The funds will be distributed via unrestricted grants to the chapters to which the awardees belong.
o Nominations for 2016 are due no later than Monday, October 31st.
o Nominations will be reviewed by a committee of IMBA staff and volunteers who will make assessments and final decisions on various merit factors.
o Ron Arnott, Holly-Holdridge TC was suggested as a nominee
o Steve Vigneau volunteered to submit his name

Meeting official adjourned at 9:00 PM

After adjournment discussion:
What seems to be missing at Massive Fallout is any type of social gathering at the end. It doesn’t seem quite right to just leave the parking lot without some socialization. Various ideas were brought up: T-shirts, barbecue, brewery sponsored, food, BYOB, etc. Further discussion is needed.

Next board meeting will be November 16th, Wednesday, 7:00 PM, at the Fitzpatrick Pub.

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