Board Minutes 12-15-16

CRAMBA Board Meeting Minutes


The meeting was called to order at 7:10 PM

Board members present were:

  1. Jeremy Verbeke
  2. Steve Vigneau
  3. Mike Fitzpatrick
  4. Marty Shue
  5. Nick Shue
  6. Alice Jacobs
  7. Kristen Barry

Non board members present

  1. Dean Fitzpatrick

 Recording Secretary’s Report

Minutes of the 11-16-16 board meeting were read and approved

Old Business

  • City of Utica MOU (Memorandum of Understanding)
    • Jeremy Verbeke reported that he met with the current mayor, Jackie Noonan, and the MOU was on the city council agenda but for some reason unknown it was removed and he didn’t get the opportunity to bring it up at the city council meeting.
    • A data fact is that only .27 miles of the River Bends trail system is on the city of Utica’s property – option to reroute maybe
    • There will be new mayor elect soon and Jeremy said that we can give it another try
  • Chapter Trailer for Groomer
    • Jeremy V. reiterated that we need to upgrade our groomer trailer with an appropriate size one that accommodates the snowmobile and the groomer. Nick said that there is a drive on/drive off trailer available at reasonable cost.
    • Jeremy said he will continue his search to find the new trailer for the groomer/snowmobile and report back.
  • Signage, Wrapping
    • Marty said she will follow up on the items below:
      • will check with Johnson printing about the cost of wrapping on the trailers and the TWA signs
      • cost of 6 new “Trail Work Ahead” signs
  • SWOT planning session
    • Despite IMBA’s issues this is still on for January 22
    • Melissa will lead us
    • Nick will confirm and get back to us with details
  • Chain Saw Safety Certification (revisited)
    • Steve forwarded an email from Jenny Schultz (POTO secretary) on chain saw safety and certification
    • Two days, Level 1 first day, Level 2 second day
    • 8 to 12 per class
    • $2000.00 total (CRAMBA has a 500.00 donation ear-marked for this training
    • CRAMBA, MCMBA and Poto are the three chapters interested so about $670.00/chapter
    • Jeremy V. will email our interest to Jenny by January 9th
  • Trail Maintenance Shirts (revisited)
    • Kristen reported that we still have a $500.00 approved for trail maintenance shirts
    • Steve said he has had no response from Holly High School print shop
    • Marty said she will contact Armadillo for these shirts and report back

New Business

  • Friends of Michigan State Parks Summit, Friday, March 3, Saturday, March 4, 2017
    • Steve attended last year – would prefer not to this year
    • Held in Roscommon
    • Kristen said that Mike Semaan might volunteer – she will contact him
    • This is a no charge event
    • FYI this is mostly an equestrian conclave
    • Will discuss further at next chapter meeting
  • Bike Patrol Year End Party
    • Jeremy V. asked for $300.00 for a year end appreciation party for our Bike Patrollers.
    • Motioned by Kristen, 2nd by Nick, passed unanimously – $300.00
    • Scheduled for Jan 5th, at the Hamlin Pub
  • Membership Recruitment
    • It was stated by several board members that we can get free smart-phone card readers through PayPal (super!)
    • The basic Blitz idea
      • Recruitment will take place at 13 trail heads on Saturday, June 17
      • Equipment consists of a card table, two chairs, two signs, and literature
      • crewed by two CRAMBA members wearing CRAMBA colors
      • payment by cash or credit card after sign-up sheet is filled in
      • sign-up sheet needs a segmented/boxed grid for email addresses
    • We set a stretch goal of 100 new members
    • Mike will get firm commitment for 26 volunteers –training on the card readers mandatory
  • Basecamp
    • Basecamp is a leading web-based project management and collaboration tool. To-dos, files, messages, schedules, and milestones
    • Yearly membership is $500.00
    • Jeremy V. moved CRAMBA sign up for Basecamp at 500.00/year for one year. Nick 2nd, passed unanimously
    • Jeremy said he would set up the following committees
      • Chapter
      • Executive
      • Membership
      • Trails
      • Events
      • Merchandising
    • Nick said “please do not put up .doc files – use pdf only”
  • Winter Grooming Fund Drive
    • Jeremy said we need some sort of funding for the expenses of grooming
    • A discussion concluded that we could use Aye CRAMBA as a grooming fund raiser
    • Nick said he would look into a “grooming fund button” for our Facebook page
  • Bike Weekend Festival at Boyne
    • Last weekend in August 25, 26, 27
    • Used as a fund raiser
    • Cost of $300.00 which includes 5 meals
    • This might be an avenue for paying for our Executive Director Melissa Werkman
    • Melissa is organizing (?)
  • MMBA update by Nick
    • Our ARD (Assistant Regional Director) has been laid off by IMBA
    • Retaining Melissa Werkman would cost about $50.000.00 per year
    • Steve talked with Bruce Alt (basically acting executive director) from IMBA to get information and wasn’t successful in learning much
    • IMBA was running a $500,000 deficit – with the 20% staff pay cut and lay-offs they are now running a $250,000 deficit
    • There was talk about the 60/40 split going to 50/50
    • We (CRAMBA) should know more by early January
    • Steve and Nick cautioned against any knee-jerk reaction to the IMBA problems – we need more information in detail
  • Year Book Ad
    • Board received an email from Ryan Zajac soliciting an ad in the Utica Warrior Yearbook
    • From $125.00 to $300.00
    • Short discussion took place with no decision
  • Communications Committee
    • Kristen said she will send out an email this Saturday or Sunday on the following:
      • Aye Cramba
      • Chapter meeting on January
      • Winter grooming information
      • Cramba membership info
  • Treasurer’s Report – Kristen said our balance after expense is about $24,000

Meeting adjourned at 9:15 PM

Next board meeting will be just before the January 10 chapter meeting at the Rochester Mills Brewery.



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