Chapter Meeting Minutes 1-10-17

CRAMBA Chapter Meeting Minutes


This meeting was held at the Rochester Mills Beer Company. There were about 50 people in attendance.

Steve Vigneau chaired the meeting. It was called to order at 7:05 PM.

Recording Secretary’s Report

No minutes of the previous meeting were available


Old/New Business

  • Bike Patrol
    • CRAMBA has 44 active bike patrollers for 13 trails
    • Patrollers put in 2642 volunteer hours in 2016 with over 13,800 miles logged
    • Spring training event tentatively set for April 29
    • For more information go to CRAMBA-IMBA, Mountain Bike Patrol page
    • Email at
  • Winter Grooming
    • Successfully using a 1979 Yamaha snowmobile pulling a new groomer
    • River Bends, Addison Oaks, and Bald Mountain South are groomed
    • Jeremy made a side comment that, after a thaw, groomed trials are icier than a non-groomed trail
  • Leaf Blowing Protocol
    • Please contact your trail coordinator prior to leaf blowing any trails. There are two schools of thought as to the efficacy of leaf blowing and according to Nick Shue “both are right”
  • IMBA
    • Melissa Werkman our ARD (Assistant Regional Director) from IMBA has her salary funded for only a couple more months. MMBA has hired her as our ED (Executive Director.
    • MMBA is sponsoring an Expo/Festival in Boyne City on August 25, 26, for the expressed purpose of funding our ED’s salary.
    • The Expo/Festival will have rides, races, training, etc.
  • Membership Status
    • Mike Fitzpatrick reported that we are sorting out exactly what our membership is but it looks like officially we have 335 paid members – up 100 net members last year.
    • CRAMBA is planning a Membership Blitz on June 17 consists of”
      • 13 trail head set ups
      • 2 volunteers at each trail head – will need 26 volunteers total
      • Credit card readers at each station
      • Goal of 100 new members from this one day
      • This trail will be listed officially as a CRAMBA trail soon

Next chapter meeting will be April 13, Thursday, at 7:00 PM at the Rochester Mills Brewery.

Meeting adjourned approximately 7:55 PM.

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