May 18, 2017 Board Meeting Minutes

CRAMBA Board Minutes


This meeting was held at a River Bends pavilion

Board members in attendance

Nick Shue, Martha Shue, Chris Westerlund, Kristen Barry, Mike Fitzpatrick, Steve Vigneau, and Jeremy Verbeke

Steve chaired the meeting. It was called to order at about 7:40 PM. (This was an outdoor, informal format meeting)

Recording Secretary’s Report

Minutes of the previous meeting were not read.

General Discussion

  • 501(c)3
    • Steve reported that CRAMBA has their own, IRS approved, 501(c)3
    • Our tax exempt status does not interfere with our IMBA sub-chapter 501(c)3
    • This is a safety net for us just in case, on the off-chance, IMBA dissolves their chapter program we (CRAMBA) keep our own assets.
  • Royal Oak Bike Park
    • Ben Snyder from People for Bikes is supporting the Royal Oak Bike Park
    • CRAMBA supports this initiative but our involvement is yet to be determined
  • Michigan Mountain Bike Festival, August 25-27 at Boyne Mountain, Boyne City
    • Steve said he’s heard little of the event
    • Chris said about 22 people have signed up
    • Mike said he distributed Festival fliers to every table at the Hopcat event
  • CRPT’s 150 foot board walk
    • Due to poor weather, the construction of the board walk was moved to may 27
  • Financial Status
    • Kristen reported that we have $15,666 after all bills are paid
    • Jeremy said to expect a $5000.00 check from REI soon
  • Take a Kid Mountain Biking
    • Still looking for volunteers for Saturday, June 3, at River Bends
    • Mike said he will volunteer and is donating 5 small, and 5 medium helmets
    • Need help with food
  • Massive Fallout
    • Chris said he has contacted all the parks
    • He will contact Katie at Stony to confirm a free pavilion
    • Signage will be much better this year
    • Maybe a BYOB planned and advertised get-together after
  • T-shirts
    • Marty said she is in contact with Armadillo for CRAMBA T-shirts.
    • Maybe a limited – 2 to 3 weeks – on line store so items can be printed in one lot
    • Free trail-work t-shirts are in the works
  • Membership Status
    • Chris presented a current update on membership
    • CRAMBA stands at 387 current (up 52 from 1-10-17) and 38 lapsed
  • Membership Blitz
    • Mike reported that we have approval from all parks with written approval/permission from Ruby Campground and Bloomer expected soon.
    • Blitz day training is set for June 8 at the Fitzpatrick pub
      • A one hour meeting
      • Training on using a smart phone for sign ups
      • Training on sales-friendly approach
      • Leave with a kitted-box of Blitz day supplies
  • Board Continuity
    • Kristen offered her concern about succession. She is term limited as treasurer. No understudy is apparent at this time
    • Mike said that this would be his last year on the board
    • Nick said it would be good to get back up to 12 board members
  • ICP (Instructor Certification Program)
    • Marty will hold an ICP training on August 11 and 12
  • Marty proffered that trail day volunteers may be the key to getting volunteers to be more active in chapter business. The term “Trail Mom”, or a coordinator to talk to, get names, barbecue, etc. to deliver on this idea.

Next board meeting will be June 15, Thursday, at 7:00 PM at the Fitzpatrick Irish Pub.

Meeting adjourned at approximately 8:30 PM.


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