January 2019 CRAMBA Membership Meeting.

Board members present at the meeting were Brian McPherson, Steve Vigneau, Wade Robbins, Roger Class, and Mike Reeves.

The meeting was called to order at 7:05 by Brain McPherson and approximately 38 people were in attendance.

Steve Vigneau talked briefly about the purchase of the Snowdog Trail Groomer for $4300.00.  The old snowmobile is to go to Holdridge for the Wilderness loop and the old groomer is likely going to Addison Oaks.

Several of our CRAMBA trails purchased signage and those signs should be in this Friday (1/11/19).

Jeremy Verbeke stripped the CRAMBA trailer of the old outdated wrap, and put our new CRAMBA logos onto the trailer.  It looks great, thank you Jeremy.

Stony Sheldon Trails redevelopment update.  CRAMBA and the Metro Parks have been working together for a few years to redesign the trails at Stony Creek.  Applied Trails Research out of State College Pennsylvania, put together their proposal for the project and we are waiting for final approval.  The design should begin in the spring and the build should be done by the end of 2019.  The trail will be a series of linked, loops, that increase in difficulty.  Much of the old trail will be retained, some of the difficult to maintain sections will be eliminated.  Keeping the skills area is something CRAMBA is trying to workout with the park.  It is ultimately the parks decision to make, CRAMBA is trying to give them options to keep it if they ultimately choose to do so.

Bike Patrol update from Jeremy Verbeke.  Transition to National Ski Patrol is about halfway complete.  The 2019 roster is down to 35 from 70.  Out of the 70 patrollers last year, only 39 were active.  The rest either did not patrol, or did not report their patrols.  March 30 is the first training for non-ski patrollers on the roster.  April 13 is the training date for new patroller. Any questions, or if you are interested in bike patrol, email Jeremy at bikepatrol@cramba.org.

Ay CRAMBA It’s Cold Out is scheduled fro February 2nd, 2019 at noon.  It’s the 6th Anniversary of the event, which is a great opportunity to come out and test ride fat bikes at River Bends.  If the conditions aren’t good, the makeup date is set for February 16th.  We will have CRAMBA stocking/ski hats for sale at the event for $20.  40% of the hat proceeds go back to CRAMBA .  Also KLM will be sponsoring a membership drive at the event, covering $20 of the fee.

The fall 2018 membership drive was very successful.  We are at 413 members currently.  November was the best membership month CRAMBA has ever had.  Also, family memberships are the same price as individual memberships.  So, go to the website and add your family members.  This will assist us with our overall numbers.  “Strength in numbers” very much applies with advocacy.

The Addison Oaks XC Race will be held on September 8th, 2019.  This year it very well may be the last race of the CPS series.  Waiting final confirmation of the CPS Schedule, hopefully later this month or in February.

Massive Fallout will be the last weekend of September.  We will need volunteers to mark the route, and someone to lead the project.  We will be working with the local parks and communities to hopefully have more permanent signage put up, to make the prep for the ride every year easier.

River Bends will be having its first ever Mountain Bike Race.  It will be a kids MISCA race.  CRAMBA is very excited about this.  CRAMBA has only assisted with route suggestions for the race, and is not officially hosting the event.  Go to MISCAbike.org if you have kids interested in racing.

Steve Vigneau offered his Treasurer’s Report.  Our current balance is at $32,320.  This is after the $3,200 for signage at Pontiac Lake, River Bends, Bloomer, Stony Creek, and the Clinton River Park Trail.  This balance also includes the $4,300 for the snowdog.  CRAMBA received a $500 donation from the MOVE IT Fitness organization.  Big thank you to them!  The big upcoming expense this spring is our annual insurance payment of around $6,000-$7,000.  The Addison Oaks race brings in around $6,000 annually.  We have been fortunate and have had good weather, and a good turnout most years.  If we have a bad year we would lose a significant portion of our income.  It is important to remember that we need to keep a “cushion” for possible situations like this.


Roger Class stated that Addison will be groomed when we finally get snow.

Columbus Park is continuing to tweak the single track when they can.  Weather and conditions are not cooperating at the moment.

Pontiac Lake is receiving new signage, and the new changing station project is moving along.  Plans have been submitted to the park management and we have a good lead on funding (possible corporate donation).

River Bends has work progressing on the new CK Canal Loop (red).  1.6 miles were added over the summer of 2018, and another 1.1 miles is ready to be built out.  @ new bridges were built with a donation received by Wade Robbins.  A couple residents have complained that parts of the new trail comes to close to their property.  The trail is 60-80 feet from their property, and has a rail road track and bed between their property and the trail.  Jeremy is working with Shelby Twp to come up with a solution to make everyone happy.  Watch for trail days to be listed on Facebook.

We are working with Stony Creek to find a way top allow fat biking at Stony Creek.  Stay tuned.

Holly High School trail is still available to ride, and plans are made for 8 miles of trail to be built in Lapeer.  This trail will be near the jail/prison, the DTE solar panel field, and I-69.

Meeting adjourned at 7:45.

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