October 2019 Board Meeting Minutes

CRAMBA’s October 2019 Board Meeting was held on Thursday, October 10, 2019 at 7pm at Steampunk in Utica.

Meeting was called to order with Brian McPherson.  In attendance also Wade Robbins, Steve Vigneau present for the CRAMBA Board, Michael Green, John Knight, Marc Padin, and Jeremy Verbeke (National Mountain Bike Patrol, River Bends Trail Coordinator).  Minutes recorded by Rebecca Padin.

Board Items:

  • Confirmation of Board Member positions:
    • Brian McPherson confirmed as Chairman
    • Wade Robbins confirmed as Co-Chair
    • Steve Vigneau confirmed as Treasurer
    • Rebecca Padin accepted as new Board Member and confirmed as Secretary
    • John Knight confirmed as new Board Member
    • Marc Padin confirmed as new Board Member
  • Board discussed the Lapeer Trail system. Currently supported by MEDC, but looking for CRAMBA involvement.  Trails currently lacking signage and are not yet worn in.  Unsure of what spring trail conditions will look like, and will likely look for support/trail building days in 2020.  Group rides on Wednesday nights average 15-20 attendees.
  • Ay CRAMBA Winter Event – Steve Vignuea will coordinate with River Bends for two dates to serve as primary and backup. Proposed ideas include a “Chili Cook-Off”, looking into drone footage/photography, and possible media coverage.
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