CRAMBA 2020 Trail User Survey Results

The CRAMBA 2020 Trail User Survey is closed and we’d like to share the results.

Thank you to everyone who participated. We received 566 responses which shows just how much you all love and care for trails and mountain biking here in Southeast Michigan.

We’ve split the data into two sets: current CRAMBA Members (209 responses) and All Respondents (566 responses), and excluded contact info.  The data is available as both PDFs and using SurveyMonkey’s web interface:

CRAMBA Members Only: PDFWeb
All Respondents: PDFWeb


  • One trail — Lake Orion High School / LOHS — was left off the lists of trail choices until ~20 hours after the survey went live and ~50% of responses were received. Therefore this trail is likely under-represented in the results.
  • Survey was open from January 29th, 2020 until the morning of February 10th, 2020.
  • Survey was shared via CRAMBA mass email and Facebook. We asked people to share the survey with friends as well, with the goal of getting responses from members and non-members across southeast Michigan, including those who are members of other mountain bike advocacy chapters (eg: MCMBA, PotoMBA).
  • Some respondents manually entered Other responses which are the same as pre-defined choices. This results in slight under-reporting of these options. (eg: Manually entering MDMB as an Other item instead of choosing the Metro Detroit Mountain Bikers option on the Other Clubs question.)
  • CRAMBA Members Only is the respondents who answered Yes to question 16, “Are you a CRAMBA Member?”All Respondents includes every survey response.
  • PDF format results show open-ended and comment responses in line with the other response data. The web view is more of a summary and requires additional clicks to get to this data.
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