March 2021 Board Meeting Minutes

CRAMBA’s March 2021 Board Meeting was held on Thursday, March 11th 2021 at 7:30pm via Zoom.

Meeting was called to order by Brian McPherson.  In attendance also Michael Green, Marc Padin, Wade Robbins, John Knight, Michael Benigni, and Vito Manzella.  Minutes recorded by Rebecca Padin.

Board Items:

  • “Massive Fall-Alt: Trail Challenge” – apologies to all participants for the delay in providing updates.  The lids for the water bottles were out of stock and we were not notified.  Issue has been remedied, and we hope to have more updates soon.

River Bends

  •       “Far Side Trail Project”/flow trail
    • Proposal received from TrailSense
    • Fund raising in progress via DonorBox, but enough funding has been received to begin construction.
    • KLM hosting a raffle, tickets available for purchase at either location, proceeds to go to CRAMBA
  •       Pump track
    • American Ramp Company – initial spec received, additional photos being provided to help finalize designs
  • Pursuit of fundraising opportunities continues, considering sponsorship from businesses, possibly feature their logo on signage near the sites

Pontiac Lake

  • Grant received from Panasonic to build a changing station, more details to come regarding construction
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