February 2022 Board Meeting minutes

CRAMBA’s February, 2022 Board Meeting was held on Thursday, February 10th 2022 at 8 PM virtually. The meeting was called to order by Wade Robbins.  Also in attendance: Marc Padin, Brian LaVoi, Michael Roman, Fran DiPietro, John Knight, Vito Manzella, Ed Olson, Roger Class, Josh McCreedy, Steven Trecapelli, and John Garland.  Minutes recorded by John Garland.

Bike Patrol: 11 patrollers present at Ay Cramba festival. Awards banquet will happen this spring.

Membership: 46 people renewed/joined Cramba at Ay Cramba festival.

New Board Members: Steven Trecapelli. Cramba now has a full 12 person board.


Bald Mountain is working on connection from North unit to Addison Oaks. Looking to complete theIr side by the end of March. Addison Oaks will need park manager approval of plans for their side still.

River Bends is still working on phase 2 of the Far side trail project and will complete more work in the spring. The new loop is about 4000ft. There will be a call to help with wood features and maybe metal fabricators in the future to complete the trail segment.

Stony Creek – Stony is reporting almost triple the amount of annual passes in 2021 from previous year, largely due to Shelden trails project.

Insurance: Renewed with same carrier as last year. This is our largest annual operating cost.

Events: Cramba has discussed many events for 2022. We are appointing a lead for each event and will be looking for members to help. Discussed was a trail head membership drive, Spring gravel event, Trail challenge (completing all Cramba trails in a timeframe), Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day, Massive Fall Out, supporting Oakdale/Lapeer’s Beaver Dash in September, and the Addison Oaks fall classic. If you are interested in helping with an event, please contact us at board@cramba.org

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