Massive FallOut 2022

When: October 8, 2022

Event timeline:

8:00-10:00 AM Donuts/refreshments/coffee 

Raffle tickets for KLM sponsored give away (prizes drawn in the evening – need not be present to win, but raffle tickets only available 8-10 AM) Raffle items include One Specialized helmet, One pair of Specialized shoes, and one set of Specialized tires.  KLM will also sponsor a single year Cramba membership for anyone who completes the 100 mile route!

9:00 AM photo and Massive group start.

If you have not participated prior, you can either plan to ride with a group or have your own group.  Riders can modify the route to shorten the ride.  It is easy to skip a section of trail or an entire trail if you want to make the ride more appropriate to your level.

4:00-6:00 PM Pizza and Beer provided by KLM (while supplies last) THIS WILL TAKE PLACE AT THE START/FINISH POINT (WEST BRANCH C LOT)

5:00PM Raffle drawing

Start Location: West Branch C lot, West Pavilion area, Stony Creek 
Ride Cost: Free! (purchase of park day pass required for those who don’t have annual pass)

Routes: Can be extended or shortened to your liking, here are 3 easy options.

-50k (approx. 35 miles and 1600ft) – Stony Creek Shelden Trails (minus roller coaster, add for an additional mile plus of technical single track), Bald Mountain North.

-100k (approx. 66 miles and 3000ft) – Stony Creek Shelden Trails, Bald Mountain North/Addison Oaks/Bald Mountain North, Bald Mountain South (adds 5 miles), Bloomer Park, Trolley trails.

-100 mile – Stony Creek Shelden Trails, Bald Mountain North/Addison Oaks/Bald Mountain North, Bald Mountain South (option for LOHS), Bloomer Park, River Bends, Clinton River Park Trails, Trolley trails. Strava link = 100 Mile (unsupported/unmarked south of Bloomer) If you plan to do this route, be sure to familiarize yourself/your group with the possible commute options between trails.

Facebook Event Page 2022:

SAG: Select Cycle Worx – 586-255-6817 (Mobile), KLM will also have some technical support at the Start/Finish area. Water/aid station at Kern Rd/Clarkston Rd on the Paint Creek Trail. Bike Patrol will also be participating.

SignUp Genius:  We need volunteers!



Stony: 2nd half of Beach (where Beeline also begins) to Grom, Beach to Bee Line to Connector, optional Roller Coaster, to Back Nine.  Pines Connector back to 2nd half of Back nine, to Bee Line Connector to Bee Line, turn right on pavement and follow to Snell Rd Connector.

Left on Snell, pass Rochester, Right into Bear Creek (bathrooms available) – follow northward to Gunn Rd.  Left onto Gunn Rd, pass Collins and Orion Roads.  Paint Creek Trail (PCT) connector path is on left side about .4-mile past Orion.  Take PCT (right turn) towards Lake Orion (North Westward).

*Aid/Water/Bathrooms on PCT at kern/Clarkston rd. 

Take Kern Rd connector (about .1 mile after aid station) North and follow sidewalk to intersection of Orion Rd.  Cross street at signs and pass Stoney Creek Rd. to Conklin Rd., turn right (Northbound) and ride one half mile to access Bald Mountain North Unit (BMN) via connector. 

BMN follow markers 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11.  Just before Marker 12 is the Addison Oaks (AO) connector.  If riding AO, follow connector and turn left onto Lake George Rd.  After one half mile, AO entrance will be on the Right.  Ride AO (follow park signs, take lap connector to stay on singletrack) and exit back to Lake George Rd. after by turning left out of AO.  Head south to return to BMN connector and continue BMN following markers 12, 13, 14, 15, 2, 3, 4 then exit BMN using same connector to Conklin Rd. that you came in through.

Head South on Conklin Rd. back to intersection of Orion Rd/Stoney Creek Rd., cross and use sidewalk to return the same way through to PCT. Head southeast (left) onto PCT.

To Ride Bald Mountain South Unit (BMS) use Kern Rd southbound from PCT, ride .7-mile to BMS marked entrance and follow markers 9, 10, 11, 5, 4, 12, 14, 15, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9.  Exit the way you came in and head north on Kern Rd., back to PCT and turn right (Southeast) towards Rochester.

You can connect back to stony via Gunn Rd to Bear Creek to Snell Rd and connector if you do not plan to ride Bloomer Park and Trolley Trails, just retrace the way you came.

Follow PCT to Rochester, continue to riverwalk path.  Cross bridge over Paint Creek, go underneath Rochester Rd., go along backside of library and follow past University Street.  Make a left on the bridge to cross Paint Creek again and follow riverwalk past 2nd street.  Turn left onto the Clinton River Trail (CRT).  Enter Bloomer .7-mile after on right side.  Follow flags/MTB signage in Bloomer Park and return to CRT via the same path.   100-mile route will exit Bloomer Park at south end and follow Yates Two track south to Holland Ponds, exit and use Ryan or 22 mile to get to River Bends.  Combine Clinton River Park Trails using the paved connector through Utica and back.  Use Shelby Rd. (or Mound) to return to Stony Creek via main entrance.  Take Park Rd. right for lake loop and two track around Sheldon for miles if need.

Turn right onto The CRT (Northeast) to continue, pass Dequindre Rd. CRT turns into the Macomb Orchard Trail (MOT).  Follow MOT to Shelby Rd and turn left (Northbound).  Stay on sidewalk (west side of Rd.) to enter Stony Creek Metro Park at main entrance about 1.25 miles from MOT.  Stay on sidewalk/safety path until Trolley Trail entrance.  Follow marked route and exit Trolley Trails onto Park Rd.  Turn left and follow Park Rd. back to the West Branch Lot and Pavilion.  Congrats! YOU MADE IT.


Please consider riding with a blinking red taillight.  There are sections of commuting on Snell Rd, Gunn Rd, Conklin Rd, possibly more, and there are street crossings not at a light.  Be safe and travel with others when possible.  Obey traffic laws, do not ride more than two wide on the road. 

Yield to hikers, maintain control of your bike, wear a helmet, let someone know your plan if riding alone, plan for nutrition, bring a cell phone and any other gear needed for an outdoor adventure!

Massive Fallout is a large-scale group ride organized by the volunteers of the Clinton River Area Mountain Bike Association (CRAMBA-IMBA)This ride is a CRAMBA event and will be insured under the CRAMBA group event policy. An aid station will be available during the ride.