River Bends Park

Description: River Bends Park contains roughly 6.9 miles of trails, both dirt two-track and CRAMBA-maintained single track. An asphalt path runs throughout the park, crossing the Clinton River to Woodall Neighborhood Park, and it will eventually connect to downtown Utica.

Containing a paved path, wide two track, and single track trail, River Bends is a park for everyone. The single track trail winds its way south along beautifully wooded, terraced ridge before turning north and snaking through trees and heavy brush tunnels. The single track trails are beginner friendly, but present enough of a challenge that seasoned riders won’t be bored.

Difficulty: Easy to Intermediate

Trail Miles: 5.6 miles of Single Track, 1.3 miles of Unpaved Two Track

Entry Fees: None

Hours: 8:00 am – 8:00 pm or Dusk (whichever comes first), Every Day, Weather Permitting

Trail / Park Website: Link

Trail Conditions and Comments Thread on MMBA ForumLink


Address: Park Rd., Shelby Township, MI 48317

CRAMBA Trail Coordinators: Jeremy Verbeke/Phil Blake

CRAMBA Trail Email Address: riverbends@cramba.org