Looking Back at 2018

Happy New Year from CRAMBA to you and your family!

We hope you’ve had another great year of riding and having fun on the trails. 2018 was a great year for CRAMBA and we want to share with you some of the big things we accomplished together.

Thanks to our volunteers, donors, members, and hard work with partners we were able to:

  • Keep our trails in great shape and ready for all to use.
  • Build and install an information kiosk and bike repair stand at the Pontiac Lake trailhead.
  • Reroute a chronically muddy section of trail at Pontiac Lake.
  • Build a banked-curve, walled S-bridge at Clinton River Park Trailsover a perpetually muddy area.
  • Add 150 yards of new trail at Clinton River Park Trails to avoid an old dump and make for a more fun climb/descent.
  • Donate $3000 to support Shelden Trails Redevelopment at Stony Creek Metropark.
  • Purchase a SnowDog tracksled for grooming snowy single track for fat biking.
  • Open the first phase of the CK Canal Loop at River Bends featuring three beautiful, sustainable bridges over wet spots.
  • Replace missing trail markers at Bloomer Park, and bring on new volunteer Co-Trail Coordinator Chris LaBaere.
  • Raise $5855 at the Addison Oaks Fall Classic!
  • Host the annual ¡Ay CRAMBA It’s Cold Out! winter fat bike party at River Bends Park.
  • Host another episode of Massive Fallout, our annual autumn multi-trail ride spanning Stony Creek, Bald Mountain, Bear Creek, and Addison Oaks.
  • Continue work with the Metroparks and Applied Trails Research on the Shelden Trails Redevelopment Project at Stony Creek Metropark, resulting in the concept design for new trails!

We’re looking forward to continuing our work in 2019, starting off with grooming trails for fat biking, hosting another ¡Ay CRAMBA It’s Cold Out! event, donating new signage to a number of the trail systems we support, continuing work on the Shelden Trails Redevelopment at Stony Creek, and doing our best to enhance mountain bike access to trail systems throughout Southeast Michigan!

Please join us for our next Chapter Membership Meeting happening next Tuesday, January 8th, at 7pm at CK Diggs in Rochester Hills!

Then, we hope to see you at ¡Ay CRAMBA It’s Cold Out! happening on Saturday, February 2nd, at noon at River Bends Park. Click here for more information.

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Stony Creek Shelden Trails Redevelopment Concept Design Announced!

You wrote, you showed up, you donated, and the Metroparks listened. The concept design put together by Applied Trails Research for the Shelden Trails Redevelopment Project at Stony Creek Metropark has been approved by the Metroparks Board of Directors!

Click here to read the update from the Metroparks and download a PDF of the whole plan: Stony Creek Metropark Shelden Trails Update #1

So what’s next? CRAMBA will continue working with the Metroparks to support the design, construction, and maintenance of these new loops. We hope for construction to begin late Summer of 2019!

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October 2018 CRAMBA Board Meeting

The October CRAMBA Board Meeting was held at Steampunk in Utica.  Present at the meeting were Steve Vigneau, Brain McPherson, Ivan Krasnov, Mike Reeves, Wade Robbins, Roger Class, and Kristen Barry.  The meeting began shortly after 8:00 PM and we discussed the following topics:

New Board Positions are as follows; Brain McPherson Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson Roger Class, Treasurer Steve Vigneau, Secretary Mike Reeves, and Wade Robbins and Ivan Krasnov will be Members-at-Large.

Trail Section Adopter Program (TSA) is a program that we are considering implementing on a trial basis.  It is a program that would have several different people responsible for different sections of trail, and overseen by the Trail Coordinator for that particular trail.  Poto has done something similar in the past.  Pros and Cons of this program were discussed, more to come in the future.

The Howlin’ at the Moon event at Stony Creek has been moved to the spring time.  We will let everyone know when a date is set.

Stony Creek has a new Co-Trail Coordinator.  His name is John Huff and will be focusing his efforts on the Skills Park that is in much need of some attention.

Ay CRAMBA It’s Cold Out! February 2nd 2019 at River Bends.  Bike shops will be at the event with Demo bikes to ride.  Uncle Peter’s Pasties and Fries will be on site.  Beer and wine is allowed at River Bends, but remember liquor is not allowed.  More to come on this event as things develop.

Thank you to Jeremy Verbeke for working hard on the tool trailer and getting new decals on it.

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CRAMBA Fall Membership Drive

Join or renew CRAMBA in October and you’re entered to win a Yeti Cycles SB5 or SB5 Beti C-Series GX kit, plus a $2,000 JensonUSA shopping spree, a Western Spirit cycling trip for two and a BikeFlights shipping voucher for two.

Visit CRAMBA.org/join

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October 2018 CRAMBA Membership meeting at Ck Diggs in Rochester Hills.  The meeting was called to order by Steve Vigneau at 7:15 pm.  Board members present at the meeting were Steve Vigneau, Kristen Barry, Brain McPherson, and Mike Reeves.

Stony Creek Update:

Applied Trails Research is finishing up, and will be seeking approval later this year.  The project is estimated to run around $250,000.

Howlin at the Moon event is coming up at 6:30 on 10/27/18, bring lights.  It is a fundraiser for the new trail project.  It includes something for all the major user groups.  Hiking, Running and MTB.  We are looking for volunteers to lead rides by people that are familiar with the Sheldon Trails.


Addison Oaks Race update:

The race was successful even with the threat of poor weather.  Around 300 racers entered the event and is our major fundraiser for the chapter apart from the dues and individual donations.  The race generated around $6,000 for the chapter.  A new start finish route was utilized this year and it worked out great.


Aye CRAMBA It’s Cold Out!:

This event is coming up February 2nd with 2/16 has a make up day.  It is a demo day with local shops being on site at River Bends.  We are in search of volunteers for this event.  Please contact Kristen Barry if you are interested in helping out.


Massive Fallout update:

Brian McPherson spent a lot of time setting up the course due to a lack of volunteer support.  The weather was not good and Brain stated that only 4 people actually completed the whole route.  Despite the weather there was a pretty big turn out considering the weather.  Next year we may try and coordinate Massive Fallout with the Rochester Octoberfest.  There are some logistical struggles such as parking.  If you have ideas please consider coming to the January membership meeting and sharing, or contacting a board member.


Membership update:

Chris Westerlund reports we have around 450 paid members at the moment.  Please renew your membership.  The IMBA is sponsoring a membership drive where you can win a Yeti Kit plus a $2,000 JensonUSA shopping spree, a Western Spirit cycling trip for two and a bike flights shipping voucher for two.  This is good for the month of October only.


Kristen Barry’s treasurer report:

Kristen states that we are in good shape financially with about $36,000 in the bank with no further major expenses coming up this year.  Last year at this time we had about $30,000.  As a board we decided to set aside $10,000 for trail improvements.  We let the various trail coordinators know that they could have up to $1,000 for projects, and to let us know.  We have around $12,000 a year in operating expenses which includes such things as $7,600 for insurance ($1600 for race and $6000 for chapter insurance),  and $600 for the storage unit.


Addison Oaks Update:

Working on an agreement with the park that will allow us to have large scale trail days, above and beyond the great work that Paul does out there.  They are going to try and improve the trail grooming process this winter, so look for groomed fat biking at Addison this winter.


Bald Mountain

No report


Bloomer Update:

There will be a fall project, not sure what it is yet, so more to follow.  Continuing to try and peacefully coexist with the other trail users and making sure all parties are happy.  Looking to for a volunteer and a truck to pickup a large amount of flagstone and bring it to the park.


Clinton River Park Update:

everything is going good at CRPT and look for improved signage in the near future.


Columbus Park Update:

Approximately 1 mile of new trail and continuing to work with the park for more trail.


Holdridge Update:

No report.


Pontiac Lake Recreation Area Update:

No report.


River Bends Update:

New CK Loop about half done and will hopefully be completed this fall.  The temporary bridge accessing the new loop will be replaced soon and will be about 6 feet wide with railings.  The new loop will also be included in the fat bike grooming process this winter.


Stony Creek Update:

The major Sheldon Trails Project is really the only news here.


Night Riding Etiquette:

Make sure the particular park is open for night riding.  And if you are riding backwards please yield to the riders going the standard direction.


Bike Patrol Update:

No report from Jeremy Verbeke at this time.  However we ill report that Jeremy passed the medical certification process and is the mountain bike patrol director.  This transition is on going and look for more news in the future.


CRAMBA Board Update:

Steve Vigneau can no longer be the chairperson (Term limited), but will be staying on the board in come capacity.  Kisten Barry can no longer be the treasurer (term limited), and will be stepping down from the board and will be the CRAMBA volunteer director.  Mike Reeves and Brian McPherson will also be staying on the board.  Eric Mile will be stepping down from the board.  Thank you to Wade Robbins, Ivan Krasanov, and Roger Class who volunteered to be on the board.


The meeting was adjourned at 7:50 pm.

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Massive Fall Out is upon us!

Hope to see a lot of riders at MFO tomorrow morning!  The trail marking is being finished as I type, and folks are preparing food and drink as well.  Keep your fingers crossed that the weather holds.  Please remember the running event at Bloomer Park, and give them some space.  Also, please be careful riding past the Rochester Library, watching for pedestrians.

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CRAMBA Board meeting 9/13/18

The September board meeting was held at Steampunk in Utica.  In attendance were Steve Vigneau, Brain McPherson, and Mike Reeves.  Meeting was called to order at 7:15.

-We had discussion about Massive Fallout and the need for volunteers.  We also discussed the route and signage.  The route will not include Bloomer this year due to a running event.  However Bald Mountain North and South will be included.

-We also discussed the need to follow the various MOU’s at the different trail systems.  A violation of the agreements may result in loss of trail access.

-Steve attended a meeting at Stony Creek reference the new trail.  Also in attendance were folks from different user groups and people with historical knowledge of the area.  Things seem to progressing well and we look forward to the process continuing along on schedule.

-The Stony Creek, Howlin at the Moon event is on for 10/27 at 6:30 pm!  More info to be found here:  http://www.metroparks.com/howl

-Lastly we discussed the upcoming board elections at the next meeting.  If you are interested in joining the CRAMBA Board, please let one of us know and attend the next meeting.  Which will be held at 7:00, October 16th at CK Diggs in Rochester Hills.

Meeting adjourned at 8:32

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July 2018 CRAMBA Board Meeting

The July 2018 CRAMBA Board meeting was held at River Bends and began with a 10 mile ride on the singletrack trails.  Present at the Meeting were Steve Vigneau, Mike Reeves, Kristen Barry, Brian McPherson, and Diana Skinner. The meeting was called to order by Steve Vigneau at 8:15 PM.  Steve updated the progress at Stony Creek.  Stating that Applied Trail Research will be in town from 8/22 thru 8/31 and we may be able to meet with the company for input.  DTE has had a change in upper management and it appears they MAY not be donating money to the project, however, ITC could be interested in funding the signage for the project.  On 10/27/18 Stony Creek is hosting “Howlin at the Moon” event a the park.  It is an event focused on getting multiple user groups (Runners, Hikers and Mountain Bikers) together to enjoy the trails.  In other news, please contact the board if you are available to help in anyway with Massive Fallout, food, registration, signage, etc.  The meeting came to a close at 8:42 PM.

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July 2018 CRAMBA Chapter Meeting

CRAMBA Chapter Meeting Minutes 7/17/18

The meeting was held at Rochester Mills Beer Co. and was called to order at 7:02 by Steve Vigneau.

30 members were in attendance.

Previous meeting minutes were not read.

-Applied Trail Design has been selected for assessment and design of trail work at Stony Creek.  Scheduled to be built in 2019.

-Planning stage is funded, the build phase will be approximately $250,000.

-Still waiting on an exact date and time, but look forward to a Bike/Hike/Run event in October around Halloween.

-Trail should be prime as it was recently trimmed.


-Chris Westerlund sated that registration is open on BikeReg.  We are looking for sponsors and volunteers for food, marking course, etc.  If interested please email race@CRAMBA.org.


-There is 1.1 miles of new trail at River Bends, please help ride it in.  The direction is counter clockwise.  An additional 2 miles of trail will be built out in the fall when the leaves fall and site lines are better.  A lot of money has been spent on bridges and machine rental, thanks to a generous donation.

-The new bike park plans are held up at the Township level and a lot of good work has been put in by Jim Vanker and Ben Snyder to present the plans.


-New section of Addison trail is on hold due to a reported siting of a missisauga rattle snake.  More to come on the new trail and no other news to report.


-There has been good feedback on new bridge and trail work with some tweaking planned to dial things in.

-Recognition to all responsible being sought with the City of Sterling Heights so that people know who is responsible for the building and maintenance of the trail system.

-The large stone within the CRPT trail has been approved to be used as a new feature on the trail.  Look forward to that in the future.


-Membership is up to 70 members now.

-IMBA has dropped the program and the National Ski Patrol has picked it up.  There will be no noticeable difference to any trail riders.

-An application has been submitted to become a “patrol” level organization with National Ski Patrol.  Our bike patrol will now be dual trained for bike and ski patrol.


-The date is October 6 and we are looking for help with food etc.  Please contact Brian McPherson if you are interested in helping.

-Bloomer may not be included due to conflict with a running event.


-We will be looking for more/new chapter board members at the next meeting.  If interested please let someone know.


-No report


-Trimming to come soon and looking for help with TC work.


-Trail day this Sunday 7/22/18 at 9 am.  The trailer will be there and they may be doing a reroute.


-Trail day this Saturday 7/21/18 at 9 am with a BBQ after!


-2 miles of trail have been opened up from over growth and they are working with the park to build more trail in the future.


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March CRAMBA Board Meeting

Meeting was held at Steampunk.  In attendance were Steve Vigneau, Kristen Berry, Brian McPherson and Mike Reeves.

Meeting was called to order at 7:08 PM by Steve Vigneau.

-Trail Days are currently being established.  Look for them to be added to the calendar in the very near future.

-Steve V. is kind of taking the lead on figuring out the Golden Volunteer program to see how we can best utilize it.  Look for more on this later.

-We are looking into the possibility of using Trail Forks for trail conditions, etc.  Other chapters are successfully using this.

-Stony Creek Metro Park trail improvements continues to move forward!

-Bike park project at River Bends also continues to gain momentum, now with Shelby Twp. on board.

Meeting was adjourned at 7:53 PM

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