American Cycle & Fitness Ladies Night

Feburary 6th 2016, 5pm-8pm

American Cycle & Fitness Royal Oak: 29428 Woodward Ave, Royal Oak, Michigan 48073

A fun evening for just ladies. Come see different ways to stay active, maybe win a prize in one of the raffles. Have snacks and get to know some great people. The event is free.

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January 2016 Chapter Meeting

Chapter Meeting

January 12th 2016


Call to order 7:05pm

  • Rodney welcomed everyone
  • New Board went around and introduced themselves.
  • Michigan ARD
  1. Will work with Lansing
  2. Help get grant money
  3. Work with DNR on a regular basis.
  • Snow Stuff
  1. Thank You Mike Fitzpatrick for Groomer donation.
  2. Thank You Mark Senyk for finding and repairing snowmobile
  3. Thank You Dean Fitzpatrick for trailer donation.
  4. With all the donations total out of pocket cost is $1000 for registration and insurance for equipment.
  5. River Bends is the only trail at this time being groomed.
  6. Stoney is interested in looking at us grooming for them. The only place to MTB at this time is the trolley trails. Jeremy is meeting with them.
  7. Addison grooms themselves.
  1. January 31st
  2. 10 shops already signed up.
  3. 2 different ride groups.
  4. BYOB, 3 fire pits, pot luck
  • Treasurer
  1. Financial report $16,791.00
  2. Insurance is coming up. $2,000/$4,000
  3. New Trailer wrap $1500/$1800 (Thank You Kristi for mock up.)
  • Membership
  1. Current members 287.
  2. New price is $35
  3. We now have auto renewal.
  4. More members mean we go from 60/40 split to a 50/50 split from IMBA.
  • Bike Patrol
  1. 37 active patrollers.
  2. 2,950 hours patrolled.
  3. IMBA has a patrol video out.
  4. Will have a training session in April.
  • Trails
  1. Stoney- Rebuild board walk, rock garden. There is new bike repair stand.
  2. Holly- Stay away HUNTERS! Looking at trail day in June.
  3. Addison- BOB is in CHARGE!!!
  4. Bald Mtn- Stay off cross country ski areas that are groomed by DNR.
  5. CRPT- New bridges, working on signs for two traffic for RB/CRPT trail. Will work on soft area along M53. Got a nice donation for trail.
  6. River Bends- 2.5 miles scouted for new trail. Park and Rec. has eagle scouts that want to do projects.
  7. Bloomer- There is a whole new bridge in the tech loop. Working on future projects. Looking at doing a Thursday ride next year.
  • Events up coming
  1. Feb 6th American Cycle and Fitness Ladies Night
  2. Macomb Bike Ladies Night Feb 25th
  3. June 1st MTB 101 Shelby Twsp.
  4. Got MTB 101 Girls 18 & older July 24th & August 27th
  5. Addison Race Sept 11th
  6. Massive Fallout Oct 1st
  • CRAMBA Jersey– Nick is looking at on-line ordering




Dismissed at 9:30pm

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2015 CRAMBA Bike Patrol Year in review

The Clinton River Mountain Bike Association’s (CRAMBA) National Mountain Bike Patrol continues to grow and provide a great service for all trail users in Southeast Michigan.

The mission of the CRAMBA Bike Patrol is to Assist, Educate and Inform mountain bikers and other trail users in safe, responsible and respectful use of bike trails and parks.  This is accomplished through volunteers “patrolling” local trail systems.  The CRAMBA Bike Patrol is not an enforcement agency, yet we Assist all trail users in times of need, Educate users of proper “rules of the trail” and Inform land managers and officials of conditions and concerns of the trails.


CRAMBA Bike Patrol has significantly grown since its inaugural year in 2013.  Over the last 3 years our numbers of patrollers increased, our working relationship with land managers and trail users are improving and many people are recognizing what the Bike Patrol provides.

In 2015 we started off strong by extending our patrol season to all year.  With the increase of fat bikes, more and more patrollers are out on the trails throughout winter as well.  CRAMBA Bike Patrol also improved by hosting two new patroller orientations and training sessions.  The training sessions included First Aid/CPR, trail etiquette, trailside maintenance, conflict resolution and Land Manager relations.

37 active CRAMBA patrollers put in a remarkable 2919.86 hours of volunteer time in 2015 from 1087 logged patrols!  They also logged more than 14,000 miles of trails patrolled.  Log reports showed trail assistance provided anything from providing maps and directions all the way to stabilizing efforts, 911 activation and patient transfer to local EMS.  All of this is provided free of charge, by volunteers.

Also, in September, the National Director of the IMBA-National Mountain Bike Patrol in Boulder, Colorado flew out to meet with CRAMBA Patrollers and film a promotional video for the Bike Patrol.   Several CRAMBA patrollers participated in the video that helps explain what the Bike Patrol is and what we provide.  The video can be seen on YouTube at .  This was a great honor for our group to be featured and highlighted on the national level.
The group is planning for training in the spring of 2016 to add to our wonderful group of volunteers. For information about requirements and basic program overview, please go to CRAMBA-IMBA’s Mountain Bike Patrol page. If you are interested in joining or have any questions, please send an email to This is a great opportunity for you if like to ride and like to help others.


Total hours Total miles (est.) Total impressions (est.)
2919.86 14306.23 43069.5
Impressions are defined as individuals who were seen observing the presence of a Bike Patroller
CRAMBA Trail hours miles impressions
Addison Oaks 350.75 1344.26 5138
Bald Mountain 138.25 611.8 907
Bloomer 136.5 577.3 907
Clinton River Park Trails 220.75 1533.17 3812
Clinton River Trail (rail-trail) 27 266 272
Holdridge State 34.5 121 153
Macomb Orchard Trail 35.1 343.7 344
Metro Parkway Trail 35 99.2 152
Orion oaks 10 69 33
Paint Creek Trail 80.35 650 1604
Polly Ann Trail 15 110 140
Pontiac Lake State Rec 57 264 292
River Bends 568.25 2736.88 5415.5
Ruby Trails 12 54 74
Seven lakes 1 7.5 3
Stony Creek Metropark 644.05 3346.52 14992
Other Trails hours miles impressions
54 other trails 554.36 2171.9 8831

Thank you,
Jeremy Verbeke
CRAMBA Bike Patrol Director

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December 2015 Board Meeting

December board meeting minutes can be found here: December minutes

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CRAMBA-IMBA January 2016 Chapter Meeting

FB_IMG_1424877760505While we can’t change the fact that it’s winter, we can at least bring you a smile by inviting you to our first chapter meeting of the new year!

We have state level updates, membership updates and some other good stuff to talk about. We will also introduce our (mostly) new board! Hopefully they show up!

Since biking and beer go well, we’ll be at Rochester Mills Beer Company, January 12. Meeting starts at 7 PM.
For those of you who have not heard of Google search and maps (hee hee), the address is:

400 Water St Rochester, MI 48307

See you there!

Click here for the Facebook page event: CRAMBA January Membership meeting Facebook link

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MMBA ARD meeting

ARD meeting discussion minutes can be found here: ARD Discussion

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November 2015 Board Meeting

Minutes from the November CRAMBA Board meeting.

CRAMBA Board Meeting 11-19-2015

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October 2015 Board Meeting

The minutes from our October Board Meeting can be found here:

CRAMBA Board Meeting Minutes 10-20-15

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Bald Mountain Trail Day Recap: October 25, 2015

Bald Mountain Trail Day Workers: October 25, 2015

This past Sunday, October 25th, CRAMBA volunteers met up with Paul Majchrowski, the Lead Worker for Bald Mountain Recreation Area, for another successful trail day. For years the segment of trail located between along Predmore Roads and Carpenter Lake on the Orange Loop of the North Unit between markers 13 and 14 (map) has been muddy and frequently impassible. The section downslope from what’s commonly referred to as The Ranger’s House (a DNR-owned house) was one of the worst spots.

By Paul Majchrowski, Lead Worker at Bald Mountain Recreation Area, safely clearing a fallen tree.clearing deadfall and reusing and improving existing, casually-created trails we were able to move the trail 3-6 feet above the wet area, establishing a route that should remain dry year-round. This will benefit all trail users including mountain bikers, hikers, runners, skiers, and dog walkers.

While a few other wet spots remain, by working in partnership with the DNR, CRAMBA volunteers like you have fixed numerous problem areas, helping to make the trails at Bald Mountain better than ever.

In additional to Paul, Adam Lepp, and the rest of the DNR staff at Bald Mountain, we would like to thank all the volunteers who showed up and worked to make our trails better:

Tony McGee, Todd Parkinson, Kristen Barry, Jeremy Kozak, Paul Culbertson, Dave Jackson, Scott Cervin, Konrad Kucharski, Steve Vigneau, Dan Blodgett, Deanna Velasco, Rodney Gullett, and Mark Senyk.

Thank you everyone! See you on the trails!

(An album of photos taken by Kristen Barry, CRAMBA Treasurer, can be found here.)

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¡Ay CRAMBA It’s Cold Out! Fat Bike/Snow Bike festival January 31st 2016

Noon-5pm January 31st 2016

Please join CRAMBA-IMBA for ¡Ay CRAMBA It’s Cold Out!, a celebration of cold weather riding at Shelby Township’s River Bends Park. Come on out and join us for a group ride, fatbike demos, hot bonfires, chili, and tasty beverages. Please feel free to bring food, snacks, and/or drinks to share.

Fat bikes or normal mountain bikes, everyone is welcome!


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