Massive Fallout: September 26th 2015!!

Spray paint on the dirt road marking the Conklin Road entrance to Bald Moutain State Recreation Area prior to Massive Fallout.Massive Fallout: September 26th, 2015

Massive Fallout is a large-scale group ride organized by the volunteers of the Clinton River Area Mountain Bike Association (CRAMBA-IMBA).

The ride features four prominent trails in Macomb and Oakland Counties: Stony Creek, Bald Mountain, Addison Oaks, and Bloomer. These trails are all connected via a series of safe roads, paths, and rail trails creating a fun, flexible ride. Whether you’re a beginner or expert, the ride can be configured to your experience level and desired length. The total estimated mileage is roughly 50-60 miles including Bloomer.

All trails and routes will be marked clearly. Maps will be handed out during starting hours. Join us for the mass start to be part of one of the largest mountain bike group rides in Southeast Michigan.

This ride is a CRAMBA event and will be insured under the CRAMBA group event policy. SAG support and aid stations will be available during the ride should you need help or fuel and we will be working closely with area bike shops to provide the best support possible to all that attend. T-Shirts will be available for sale the day of the ride. All proceeds from T-Shirt sales will go to CRAMBA.

Starting Hours: 8:00am – 10:00am, with a 10:00am mass start!
Start Location: Stony Creek Metro Park – West Branch Picnic Area C
Ride Cost: Free! (purchase of Stony Creek Metropark day pass may be required)

GPS routes:
Stony to Addison Aid Station:
Addison to Stony (no Bloomer):
Addison to Stony (easy route):

Turn-by-turn directions:
Stony, Bald Mountain, and Addison:
Bloomer “add-on”:…/MFORidingDirections2015-Bloomer.pdf

Map (Classic): Massive Fallout Map (Classic)

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