CRAMBA Chapter Meeting 10-11-16

CRAMBA Chapter Meeting Minutes


Jeremy Verbeke chaired the meeting. It was called to order at 7:30 PM.

Recording Secretary’s Report

No minutes of the previous meeting were available

Old/New Business

  • Pete Kresmery Recognition
    • Aaron Burgess presented a plaque of recognition from the City of Sterling Heights to Pete Kresmery for his “…hard work and dedication…tireless effort and construction of the CRPT since 2009.
    • Thank you Pete from all of us!
  • Membership Status
    • Rodney Gullet reported that we have the highest ever membership at 342 current and 364 current + lapsed (lapsed is less than 6 months)
    • Jeremy said the CRAMBA is always in need of members to leverage our impact with the local parks and communities
    • CRAMBA also needs volunteers for the our several committees including event committee
  • Addison Oaks Race Recap
    • Roger Class was event manager
    • Conclusion that it was a great success – many unsolicited compliments
    • Had a major sponsor – Miller’s Big Red Cider Mill ($1200.00)
    • Participation was up about 15 from last year
    • Race had no rider injuries
    • Roger will head up next year’s race on September 10, 2017
  • Massive Fallout, October 15, Update
    • Kristen Barry is the event manager
    • She has enough volunteers
    • This is a ride not a race!
    • Long sleeve special Massive Fallout shirts will be available for $20.00
    • Ride starts at 8:00 AM with a mass start at 10:00 AM with photo
    • Pete, Catherine and Kristen will handle the food
    • No SAG available
    • correct pavilion for food will be to the left as you enter the clearing at Addison
  • Trail Updates
    • Addison Oaks
      • Great shape – thank you Pauli
    • Bald Mountain
      • Scott Cervin is the TC.
    • Bloomer Park
      • Erik Silvassy reported that we need some gravel in a wet corner – will get to it soon
    • Clinton River Park
      • Aaron Burgess reported a watershed project destroyed the asphalt path
      • Working with some Eagle Scouts on projects on October 22 and 29
      • Will build multi use – 2 sides – one for walkers and one for bikers
      • Received a $1250.00 check from Joe Burns for trial building
      • Received a $250.00 check from Joe Burns to spend at American Cycle and Fitness
    • Holly-Holdridge
      • Ron Arnott, TC, purchased a DR brush Hog and it works great
      • Did 26 miles of trail
      • Had to bench cut a couple of off-camber areas for safety reasons – only a couple of complaints
    • Genesee County Park
      • Ben Lindstrom is taking the lead on potential trails in Genesee county
      • No dedicated mountain bike trails now exist in Genesee county
      • Ben is circulating a petition to gage interest
      • Jeremy Verbeke reiterated that a trail to be successful needs grass roots, home town support
    • Pontiac Lake
      • Pontiac trail coordinator wasn’t present but Jeremy said the trail was in great shape.
    • River Bends Park
      • Jeremy said that using the rented heavy equipment was a big help installing the new sections
      • Newly installed Carsonite one way signs and intersection signs have been installed
      • Thank you to Metro Bike for installation of the bike repair stand.
    • Stony Creek
      • Dave Schall and Pete Kresmery are trail coordinators
      • Dave has work on the pines with drainage and berms – Thank you
    • Stony Creek Skills park
      • Dave said the skills park for younger riders is a feeder for the mountain bike trails later
    • Foundation Trail at Holly High School
      • Josh McCreedy built these trails with volunteers and has turned them over to CRAMBA
      • This trail will be listed officially as a CRAMBA trail soon
  • Rodney said it should be obvious to everyone that mountain biking in general and CRAMBA specifically have excellent momentum so let’s keep it going
  • Jeremy cautioned all riders to observe the one way direction of trails
  • Board Elections
    • 5 current returning board members are: Kristen Barry, Alice Kaufman, Jeremy Verbeke, Chris Westerlund, and Mike Fitzpatrick
    • 3 formerly term limited board members returning: Nick Shue, and Marty Shue, and Steve Vigneau
    • 1 returning sabbatical board member: Tony McGee
    •  Jeremy said that our by-laws allow 12 board members and opened up the floor for nominations but there were no names submitted.
  • IMBA World Summit
    • Steve Vigneau will represent CRAMBA at the IMBA World Summit in Arkansas
  • Bike Patrol
    • Jeremy Verbeke reported that we have 53 current members of the Bike Patrol
    • Jeremy will hold a training session for new members on October 30th
  • Financial Report
    • Kristen reported that our beginning of the year balance was $19000.00 and our current balance is about $19,000.00.
  • E-bike position
    • The MMBA’s position is that trails that have a “non-motorized” restriction must stay non-motorized – no exceptions (at least yet)
    • A question/discussion was brought up for the possible exception for a handicapped person – enforcement might be an issue
  • Thank you to:
    • Thank you to Eric and Christy for cooking tonight
    • Thank you to Rodney for being CRAMBA’s president last year

Next chapter meeting will be in January at the Rochester Mills Brewery.

Meeting adjourned approximately 9:00 PM.



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