3-16-17 Board Meeting Minutes

CRAMBA Board Minutes


This meeting was held at the Fitzpatrick Irish Pub.

Board members in attendance

Nick Shue, Martha Shue, Chris Westerlund, Kristen Barry, Tony McGee, Mike Fitzpatrick

Also in attendance

Dean Fitzpatrick

Kristen Barry chaired the meeting. It was called to order at 7:00 PM.

Recording Secretary’s Report

Minutes of the 1-10-17 chapter meeting were read and approved as read

Old/New Business

  • Mike gave Kristen a check for $100.00 from Macomb Bike for our participation at Ladies Night.
  • Rochester Rotary Club Invitation to CRAMBA to speak
    • Mike Fitzpatrick said he would contact Rodney Hulbert from the RRC and set a date
    • Mike said he would make a PowerPoint presentation and have the board review it first
    • All present board members agreed to this approach
  • Michigan Mountain Bike Festival, August 25-27 at Boyne Mountain, Boyne City
    • Marty will print promotional fliers and have them at our April 13th Chapter meeting at the Rochester Mills Brewery
    • Marty to post the flier on our Website
    • Should be posted on all trail head kiosks (who?)
    • Mike will take fliers to bike shops in the area
  • LL Bean to build board walk
    • LL Bean contacted CRAMBA and, through Aaron Burgess, will build a board walk
    • On May 6, volunteers from LL Bean will build a board walk along M53
  • REI introduction of Co-Op bicycles event – CRAMBA invited
    • March 25, 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM, Troy store
    • Tony and Mike said they will attend
    • Mike will contact Jeremy Kozak (REI employee) and ask what we are allowed to bring (literature, signs, etc.)
  • Hang Tags
    • Nick lead a discussion on hang tags, history and their usage
    • Marty will send Mike a sample of the old tags
    • Nick said the bike shops liked these and it was a good source of new memberships
  • Independence Township Trail
    • Chris asked about the email from Independence Township to build a new trail
    • Nick said that this needed to be address at a higher level and was referred to Melissa for her review
  • Instructor Certification Program subsidy
    • Mike asked if CRAMBA could offer a $200.00 subsidy for Alice to take her ICP training
    • This idea was discussed and turned down
  • Tony said our custom CRAMBA glasses are ordered
  • Financial Status
    • Currently have $25,856.00 balance
    • Pending expenses of $9,374.89 (includes $5,847.00 for insurance)
  • Insurance
    • It was decided that a detailed insurance discussion was not in order because Alice and Steve weren’t present – they know the most about our insurance
    • It was agreed that the insurance must be paid and any adjustment later will result in a pro-rated refund
  • Take a Kid Mountain Biking
    • Sunday, June 4th at River Bends
    • Going forward regardless if IMBA is not supporting
  • Fund Raising
    • Kristen that CRAMBA could make better use of title sponsorship for fund raising
    • Maybe a shirt sponsor for Massive Fallout
    • Kristen will contact Ross from MDMB for information on their success in pursuing sponsors
    • Kristen said CRAMBA needs to define what are the perks of a platinum, gold, silver, etc. level of sponsorship, maybe borrow from MORC?
  • Membership Status
    • Chris presented a current update on membership
    • CRAMBA stands at 387 current (up 52 from 1-10-17) and 38 lapsed
  • Membership Blitz
    • Mike reported that we now have 23 volunteers for June 17 on our way to 26+
    • On display in the Pub were 4 Stony Creek 24×36 posters that are typical of the ones we will be using on June 17. Thank you Pete Kresmery and Dave Schall
    • Mike demonstrated the use of our QR code for getting to the correct sign-up page on a cell phone quickly
    • Kristen said that she would send Mike a current inventory list of our literature
    • Chris reported his progress on getting written permission from the land managers for Blitz Day and a few contacts are yet to be made.

Next board meeting will be April 20, Thursday, at 7:00 PM at the Fitzpatrick Irish Pub.

Meeting adjourned at 8:24 PM.


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