August 2017 Board Meeting Minutes

CRAMBA Board Minutes


This meeting was held at the Fitzpatrick Irish Pub

Board members in attendance, Nick Shue, Marty Shue, Kristen Barry, Mike Fitzpatrick, Steve Vigneau, Jeremy Verbeke, and Chris Westerlund

Non board members present, Roger Class

Steve chaired the meeting. It was called to order at about 7:10 PM.

Recording Secretary’s Report

Minutes of the previous meeting were not read.

General Discussion

  • MMBA Survey. Steve filled the survey in but thought it was of little consequence.
  • MOU (Memorandum of Understanding). Steve will attend the September 14 Parks Board Meeting to answer any final questions and (hopefully) sign the MOU
  • Wrong Way Signs for Stony. CRAMBA has the signs. Steve will get with Peter Kresmery and together work out the most effective locations for the signs.
    • Off grid connector trails and most “bandit” trails will not be affected
  • Safe Night Out Event – Steve’s Report
    • Steve set up the CRAMBA tent kiosk
    • Collected $16.00 in donations
    • No new members signed up but still a good public relations awareness event for CRAMBA
    • Kristen got the group ride to show up
  • Massive Fallout – Chris’ report
    • Everything is basically on-track
    • Bald Mountain needs a copy of our insurance certificate
    • Stony Creek has not responded, Chris will call
    • Chris will send Mike the directional-sign layout
    • Mike will get 30+ printed up with wire frames
    • Moose-Jaw has volunteer to SAG (i.e. respond to a come-and-get-me call)
    • Conklin road connector has been mowed by the DNR (yes!)
  • Holly State Recreation Area General Management Plan
    • Thursday August 31
    • Question as to what involvement CRAMBA should have
    • Steve will contact Ron Arnott and/or Cori Chesnutt to find out more
  • GOT Clinic
    • Marty reported the she has 18 women signed up.
    • Held at River Bends on Sunday, August 18
    • Will try classroom in the morning and trail in the afternoon
    • In the future “no refunds” will be written prominently on flier
  • Membership Committee
    • Chris reported that we have currently 465 active and lapsed down from our peak of 480
    • Mike briefly talked about flier tear-offs for CRAMBA that will be posted at each trail head
    • Chris will help with an update to CRAMBA hang-tags.
  • River Bends now has officially closed the Orange (aka swamp) loop
  • Addison Oaks – Roger Class’ report
    • Roger reported that all systems are go for CRAMBA’s Fall Classic race
    • Roger reported and excellent working relationship with Addison’s land manager, Katie
    • Steve and Roger are working on some trail re-routes to avoid the high speed asphalt parts
    • Mike offered to donate the cost of a winter groomer for Addison


Next month’s board meeting will be on September 21, at the Fitzpatrick Irish Pub


Meeting adjourned at approximately 8:15


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