January 2019 CRAMBA Board + Addison Race Meeting Minutes

CRAMBA’s January 2019 Board Meeting was held on Thursday, January 10, 2019 at Shelby Township Fire Station #1 at 7pm. This was a joint meeting with the Addison Oaks Race Committee.

Meeting was called to order with Brian McPherson, Roger Class, Wade Robbins, Steve Vigneau present for the CRAMBA Board. (Ivan Krasnov and Mike Reeves were excused absence.) Also present were Jeremy Verbeke (National Mountain Bike Patrol, River Bends Trail Coordinator) and Chris Westerlund (Addison Oaks Fall Classic Race Organizer, Membership Committee Chair).

Board Items:

  • Chris Westerlund has introduced both Business and Club support for CRAMBA, at $100 and $50 each, respectively. Metro Detroit Mountain Bikers and Guinness Bikers are two of the first supporting organizations.
  • Steve Vigneau is working on new water bottles. We are currently out of stock of water bottles.
  • Steve Vigneau has been working with Stephen Spry on stocking hats to be sold at Ay CRAMBA. The order is under way and delivery expected at the end of January.
  • Brian McPherson handled Massive Fallout in 2018, but may not have the resources to run it all this year. Wade Robbins and Brian will be working on this together in 2019.
  • Trail marking supplies as requested by TCs will be delivered 11-Jan, Steve will kit the orders up and make them available to TCs.
  • Jeremy Verbeke is working with Shelby Township on mitigating local resident concerns about the proximity of the newest phase of the CK Canal Loop at River Bends Park. Requested changes will result in a loss of ~200′ of trail, but will maintain a visual barrier between a local neighborhood and the single track.
  • Roger Class is looking into new venues for the Chapter Membership Meetings.
  • Brian and Steve are meeting with Gary Hopp at Stony Creek Metropark on Saturday, January 5, 2019 to discuss fat bike access to the single track.

Addison Oaks Race Items:

  • CRAMBA is considering a new route that’s more of a loop with an alternative first climb. Makes for a better hole shot and no two way traffic. Chris will be taking this up with the park.
  • Food planning for the race is a concern, due to lack of volunteers.
  • Sponsors are currently being pursued, much earlier this year than in the past.

National Mountain Bike Patrol Items:

  • First National Ski Patrol (NSP) training for National Mountain Bike Patrol members is 30-Mar-2019.
  • NMBP new member orientation will be held in April, 2019.
  • Jeremy Verbeke asks the CRAMBA board to cover $25 (per member) cost of NSP training. Board approves this expense, for up to 30 people. (Maximum $750 outlay.)
  • Jeremy is looking into a winter-time NMBP end-of-season thank-you event and would like CRAMBA to fund this event. (Item was not voted on.)
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