December 2019 Board Meeting Minutes

CRAMBA’s December 2019 Board Meeting was held on Thursday, December 12, 2019 at 7pm at Steampunk in Utica.

Meeting was called to order with Brian McPherson.  In attendance also Wade Robbins, Steve Vigneau, Michael Green, John Knight, Marc Padin, Ken Markiewicz, Roger Class, Jeremy Verbeke (NMBP), Josh McCreedy (owner of TrailSense, Trail Coordinator for Lapeer Oakdale), Peter McCreedy (Trail Coordinator for Lapeer).  Minutes recorded by Rebecca Padin.

Board Items:

  • Lapeer Oakdale: As the only formal trail system in Lapeer, Josh McCreedy would like to formalize their relationship with CRAMBA. There are lots of volunteer hours invested in the parks, but there is a need for signage and mapping in the spring.  In addition, Josh asks that CRAMBA pursue the purchase of additional trail grooming equipment, which he is volunteering to operate to groom the northern trails.  Board to discuss proposal.  Board approved motion to formally recognize Oakdale as a CRAMBA-supported trail on the condition that there is social media engagement to provide updates on trail conditions to ridership.
  • Bald Mountain/Addison Connector: Steve, Brian, and Roger met with Oakland County Parts regarding connector. Approx 1800’ at Bald Mt, 400’ at Addison.  Bald Mt has not yet approved, and Oakland prefers to observe 4 seasons to make sure there are no concerns regarding drainage, etc. but looking to see what can be done.  Consideration needs to be taken for protected rattlesnake habitat.
  • Ay CRAMBA Winter Event: 2/1 (2/22 backup) Discussion regarding chili cook-off rules and voting procedures. Board approved motion to purchase additional hats at same cost as last year.
  • Massive Fallout: Addison approved hosting a start/finish party for Massive Fallout at the park. Camping is available, but no intention to make it CRAMBA-sponsored as we will be required to reserve spaces and pay for anything unused.
  • Financials: ~$54k, received $350 check from Marathon (someone has a matching program setup through their work with proceeds going to CRAMBA)
  • Misc: CRAMBA to purchase business cards with generic info to be able to hand out at meetings with parks, County, etc. Approved to purchase additional signage stickers to restock current supply (low after labelling River Bends).  Still pursuing SnowDog sled attachment, but no one local appears to have them in stock.  DNR has asked that CRAMBA sign a new state-level MOU to replace the multi-park MOU currently on file.

Addison Oaks Race Items: Proposed timeline to setup Friday, CRAMBA race Saturday, MISCA race Sunday.

National Mountain Bike Patrol Items:

  • Board approved motion to purchase NMBP patches and banner featuring new artwork
  • Board approved motion to allocate money for NMBP appreciation event not to exceed $500

Post Meeting Business: Board approved the purchase of the PathMaster for use to groom Lapeer Oakdale and the northern trails.

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