November 2019 Board Meeting Minutes

CRAMBA’s November 2019 Board Meeting was held on Thursday, November 14, 2019 at 7pm at Steampunk in Utica.

Meeting was called to order with Brian McPherson.  In attendance also Wade Robbins, Steve Vigneau, Michael Green, John Knight, Marc Padin, and Jeremy Verbeke (National Mountain Bike Patrol, River Bends Trail Coordinator).  Minutes recorded by Rebecca Padin.

Board Items:

  • Bald Mountain: 2020 initiative to build a connector from Bald Mt. to Addison Oaks, Steve to work with Jeremy, CRAMBA, DNR, and Addison. Approx 1000’ at Bald Mt, 150’ at Addison, anticipating removing invasive plants and raking.
  • Ay CRAMBA Winter Event: River Bends has been informed 2/1 date (2/22 backup date), still working on permit. Chili Cook-Off, potluck, and BYOB.  Steve to contact Steven Spry regarding hats as last year’s sold out.
  • Massive Fallout: Discussion to move the race to Addison Oaks, start and finish at the park and have a party after.
  • Financials: $44,113.66, received $3013 disbursement from IMBA, expecting an additional disbursement later. Discussion regarding provisioning a “marketing budget” for trail sign stickers, brochures, etc.

Addison Oaks Race Items: Discussion to combine with the MISCA race due to low participation due to date conflict.

National Mountain Bike Patrol Items:

  • Jeremy Verbeke would like to formalize NMBP with a set of sub-bylaws and have Bike Patrol vernacular amended to the CRAMBA bylaws as well as define a succession plan
  • Requesting Bike Patrol discretionary fund of a pre-approved amount
  • Jeremy is looking into a NMBP end-of-season appreciation event the 2nd or 3rd week of January and would like CRAMBA to fund this event. (Item was not voted on.)


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