Phase 2 of the Far Side Trail Project at River Bends

And we are back!

There has not been much going on with the project most of the summer as we were out enjoying the trails as we hope you have been too. But we are excited to say that Phase 2 is underway!

This morning TrailSense provided a walk thru with CRAMBA and the Twp which closely follows the proposed Phase 2 work. This trail is expected to be ~1 Mile in addition to the Spring Hill trail. This will be a stacked loop, so that means the existing trailhead and exit will be used, so this will split off then rejoin the Spring Hill trail.

The first shovel (bucket) hit the ground and Josh is already moving dirt. It is expected to be under construction for 30-45 days.

We will need volunteers to help with this phase. CRAMBA is looking for some trail finishing work (clean up and final shaping and grading by hand tools) and projecting to build 3-4 wooden features. If you are interested in volunteering please fill out the form at the link here –

We will provide updates as they happen.

As always this is 100% user/donor-funded. Please consider making a donation at

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