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Trail Sense’s Mission is to build fun, challenging, and fast trails on private and public lands.


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The Guinness Bikers are a social-for-fun mountain biking group (not a racing group). We currently have 320 members. Our riders cover the full spectrum of skill levels from Turtles to Gonzos. Our objective always is to have fun and save rides. We do the following activities:

When the weather turns warmer (above 50 degrees) we start our outdoor season and we bike on various single track trails in the area with Stony Creek being our home base. We send out a weekly schedule of rides via email. We ride on Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. You can pick and choose your rides. After participating in three rides you are entitled to a complimentary Guinness jersey. Usually the week’s bike schedule is emailed by Wednesday morning

We spin throughout the winter months starting in December. We spin on Monday and Wednesday at 6:00 PM and Saturday at 1:00 PM. The address is 1125 Naughton, Troy MI 48083. Our spinning sessions are one hour long with a warm up and a cool down. We have a leader that puts us through various routines. We listen to music while spinning. After spinning we enjoy food and Guinness at our private pub and maybe play a game of Euchre or two.