Bald Mountain Recreation Area

Description: Bald Mountain Recreation Area contains two separate mountain bike trails segments in the North and South Units, separated by a few miles of dirt roads. Wider, fast, flowing, and easily accessible these classic XC MTB trails are a local favorite.

The South Unit trails are open to snowmobiles in winter and make for excellent fat bike riding. The South Unit also connects to Lake Orion High School‘s non-CRAMBA-IMBA, school-maintained mountain bike trails.

Please note that all trails in Bald Mountain Recreation Area are non-directional. Yield to uphill riders and those on foot, and use caution when passing other trail users.

Difficulty: Easy to Intermediate

Trail Miles: North Unit: 8 Miles, South Unit: 7 Miles

Entry Fees: Michigan DNR Recreation Passport

Trail / Park Websites:

Trail Conditions and Comments Thread on MMBA ForumLink


Official Park Maps:

Main Park Address: 1330 E. Greensheild Road, Lake Orion, MI 48360-2307

CRAMBA Trail Coordinator: Kevin Gorman

CRAMBA Trail Email Address: