Winter Groomed Trails

CRAMBA supports groomed snow trails for winter fat biking both by working to groom trails ourselves via volunteer efforts and by working with land managers who are working to produce their own groomed trails.


The following trails are groomed either by CRAMBA or the respective land managers.

  • River Bends
    • Groomed Snow Bike Route on single track.
  • Bald Mountain
    • South Unit: legally open to snowmobiles, groomed for fatbikes.
    • North Unit: groomed for cross-country skiing, snowmobiling is illegal, fat bikes are NOT prohibited, but please respect the other users and not ride when XC ski tracks are set.
  • Addison Oaks
    • Groomed snow bike route, single track not groomed but open for riding.
  • Holly Wilderness Trail
    • Groomed for fat bikes. Main trails at Holly-Holdridge are not groomed.
  • Stony Creek
    • MTB trails are open for fat biking when snow is present but not on two track where XC skiing is possible.
    • Trolly trails are open for fat biking.


Please respect the efforts and money put into grooming the trails by observing the following suggested policies:

  • Riding a bike specially designed with front and rear tires that are 3.7-4.8 inches wide to float on snow or soft sand. Rims start at 65 mm wide and tires than run on 8 psi or less.
  • No mountain bikes with less than 3.7 inch wide tires will be allowed on trails. They create deep ruts in the groomed surface.
  • Ride only when temperatures are cold enough to sustain the groomed trail
  • Riders need to be aware of the depth of their tire grooves.
  • If the groove is half inch or more, air pressure should be reduced or consider riding another day.