CRAMBA Chapter Meeting

JANUARY 12, 2016



400 Water St. Rochester, MI 48307

Join CRAMBA for the first chapter meeting of the year. As we talk about the exciting things coming up in 2016! If you plan on eating the best thing to do is get there before the meeting starts.


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November Board Meeting Minutes 11/19


Rodney Gullett          Nick Shue

Jeremy Verbeke        Martha Shue

Kristen Barry             Steve Vigneau

Jeremy Kozak            Mike Fitzpatrick

Jim Owens                  Alice Hoffman-Jacobs

Drew Williams           Chris Westerlund

Tony McGee               Roger Class


Rodney- Has been updating web site as needed. He will also send Andy a email with the                      new board. Kristen’s link on the site will be changed  Tony                  is in now signed up and can access civicrm.

Jeremy- NMBP the video has been pulled down off the site. The gentleman that was hurt                     has threatened legal action. He did not give permission for IMBA to use that                           footage. Jeremy will let Marty (NMBP REP.) that she needs to contact the                               gentleman for his permission.

Shelby Twsp. would like to do MTB 101 course this spring for residents. This will                  be a one class. Put on by Park and Recs, Residents will be free with a small fee for                  non-residents. Marty Shue and Jeremy will work detail for instructors once a                          date  is conformed.

Found a company that builds snow groomers for 1500 dollars. Nick has offered to                drive pick it up. Mike Fitzpatrick has generously offered to donate the money to                    purchase.

Kristen- Armadillo check has cleared for shirts. Still have 2 checks that need to clear. Eric                   still needs to turn in receipt for Bloomer bridge.  Storage unit renewal of 550 is                       coming up soon.

MMBA (Tony)- Rodney,Nick & I were on the conference call. It looks like the ARD is going                              to be a reliazation in the future. Andy let MMBA know that the ARD will                                  report to him and IMBA and he will update MMBA. A vote was taken for                                  CRAMBA to give $4000.00 no more to IMBA  to help start the ARD                                          process. This same vote was held among 4 other IMBA orgs.  Andy has                                      already secured $20,000.00.   A job posting should up soon.


Trail- Marty is thinking about doing 2 GOT MTB this year.(With a 30 person cap). Also                   kicking around the idea of doing a indoor Q&A for winter biking.

Jeremy is getting a groomer for river bends.

Jim is going to meet with Dave soon about PLT.

AY!CRAMBA- Jeremy K. Has contacted 20 shops. 5 are in KLM,RBS,MAIN STREET,ACF                              & FRASER. Mike F to talk to Jeff Sr. about Macomb Bike helping on                                          January 31st. Andy from IMBA is available that day. Jeremy to send out                                  CRAMBA letter asking him to attend.

Communication- Marty to email new members of committee.

Membership- Mike is heading up the ladies night at ACF on Feb 6th.  Rodney to get IMBA                           to print new cards with proper email link on them.

We currently sit at 263 members.

Jeremy K. is going to deal with the hang tags for shops.

New Business-

Kristen – Will send out a email for CRAMBA shirt sizes for board. Also will contact Eric                        about TC’S shirts.

Trailer wrap the more complex the design the more money it cost. Kristen to                          contact Kristi about helping design new wrap.

Next Meeting at Fitzpatrick PUB at 7:30 pm on 12-17-15

Adjourned at 9:04pm


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October CRAMBA Board Meeting Minutes

The minutes from our October Board Meeting can be found here:

CRAMBA Board Meeting Minutes 10-20-15

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Bald Mountain Trail Day Recap: October 25, 2015

Bald Mountain Trail Day Workers: October 25, 2015

This past Sunday, October 25th, CRAMBA volunteers met up with Paul Majchrowski, the Lead Worker for Bald Mountain Recreation Area, for another successful trail day. For years the segment of trail located between along Predmore Roads and Carpenter Lake on the Orange Loop of the North Unit between markers 13 and 14 (map) has been muddy and frequently impassible. The section downslope from what’s commonly referred to as The Ranger’s House (a DNR-owned house) was one of the worst spots.

By Paul Majchrowski, Lead Worker at Bald Mountain Recreation Area, safely clearing a fallen tree.clearing deadfall and reusing and improving existing, casually-created trails we were able to move the trail 3-6 feet above the wet area, establishing a route that should remain dry year-round. This will benefit all trail users including mountain bikers, hikers, runners, skiers, and dog walkers.

While a few other wet spots remain, by working in partnership with the DNR, CRAMBA volunteers like you have fixed numerous problem areas, helping to make the trails at Bald Mountain better than ever.

In additional to Paul, Adam Lepp, and the rest of the DNR staff at Bald Mountain, we would like to thank all the volunteers who showed up and worked to make our trails better:

Tony McGee, Todd Parkinson, Kristen Barry, Jeremy Kozak, Paul Culbertson, Dave Jackson, Scott Cervin, Konrad Kucharski, Steve Vigneau, Dan Blodgett, Deanna Velasco, Rodney Gullett, and Mark Senyk.

Thank you everyone! See you on the trails!

(An album of photos taken by Kristen Barry, CRAMBA Treasurer, can be found here.)

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¡Ay CRAMBA It’s Cold Out! Fat Bike/Snow Bike festival January 31st 2016

Noon-5pm January 31st 2016

Please join CRAMBA-IMBA for ¡Ay CRAMBA It’s Cold Out!, a celebration of cold weather riding at Shelby Township’s River Bends Park. Come on out and join us for a group ride, fatbike demos, hot bonfires, chili, and tasty beverages. Please feel free to bring food, snacks, and/or drinks to share.

Fat bikes or normal mountain bikes, everyone is welcome!


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September 2015 Chapter Meeting and Election Minutes

The September Chapter Meeting minutes, with Board Election results can be found here:

CRAMBA September Chapter Meeting 2015

Thanks for all who attended and especially those who stepped up to form the new board!

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Massive Fallout: September 26th 2015!!

Spray paint on the dirt road marking the Conklin Road entrance to Bald Moutain State Recreation Area prior to Massive Fallout.Massive Fallout: September 26th, 2015

Massive Fallout is a large-scale group ride organized by the volunteers of the Clinton River Area Mountain Bike Association (CRAMBA-IMBA).

The ride features four prominent trails in Macomb and Oakland Counties: Stony Creek, Bald Mountain, Addison Oaks, and Bloomer. These trails are all connected via a series of safe roads, paths, and rail trails creating a fun, flexible ride. Whether you’re a beginner or expert, the ride can be configured to your experience level and desired length. The total estimated mileage is roughly 50-60 miles including Bloomer.

All trails and routes will be marked clearly. Maps will be handed out during starting hours. Join us for the mass start to be part of one of the largest mountain bike group rides in Southeast Michigan.

This ride is a CRAMBA event and will be insured under the CRAMBA group event policy. SAG support and aid stations will be available during the ride should you need help or fuel and we will be working closely with area bike shops to provide the best support possible to all that attend. T-Shirts will be available for sale the day of the ride. All proceeds from T-Shirt sales will go to CRAMBA.

Starting Hours: 8:00am – 10:00am, with a 10:00am mass start!
Start Location: Stony Creek Metro Park – West Branch Picnic Area C
Ride Cost: Free! (purchase of Stony Creek Metropark day pass may be required)

GPS routes:
Stony to Addison Aid Station:
Addison to Stony (no Bloomer):
Addison to Stony (easy route):

Turn-by-turn directions:
Stony, Bald Mountain, and Addison:
Bloomer “add-on”:…/MFORidingDirections2015-Bloomer.pdf

Map (Classic): Massive Fallout Map (Classic)

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Addison Oaks Fall Classic XC Race THIS WEEKEND!!

Just less than 48 hours left to register online for the Addison Oaks Fall Classic.

Expert/Elite waves start going off at 10:00AM
Sport waves start going off at 12:30PM
Beginner waves start going off at 2:00PM

Day of registration is open till 30 minutes before the first wave of a category goes off, but you can save yourself the time and hassle of registering the of the race AND save $5 over day of rates by preregistration today.

We’ll be grilling up burgers, dogs and brats, free for the racers, starting around noon. Of course, food is available for everyone attending, but we ask that you help us out with a donation for non-racers.

The weather looks to be nice a cool, a welcome change after the heat wave of Labor Day weekend. The weatherman says that it looks like it’ll be a clear day, so conditions will be perfect for the race. Pauly and Oakland County Parks have been working to make sure that the course and park are ready and perfect for us, so sign up today and we’ll see you on SUNDAY, SUNDAY, SUNDAY!!!

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May and June Board Meeting Minutes

It’s been a busy couple of months!  Just getting caught up on old minutes…

See them here:

CRAMBA Board Meeting Minutes 5-21-15

CRAMBA Board Meeting Minutes 6-25-15

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July Chapter Meeting Minutes

For those who couldn’t make the Group Ride / Meeting at Stony Creek last week, here are the minutes from the meeting.

CRAMBA July Chapter Meeting 2015

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